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Pregnancy level confusion!


I am 31 weeks pregnant and have an underactive thyroid. I had my routine blood tests done and was called back to the GP yesterday to discuss my results. I saw a locum doctor who told me all my results were fine including thyroid and he couldn't see why I was called back even though my patient notes clearly had Abnormal thyroid in big red letters on the screen, written by another GP. My levels are 4.23. Anyone know if this is within the normal range or had any experience of this. Thinking about asking for a second opinion.

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Hi. Presume this is a TSH level, which is probably high. Without the ranges, its difficult to see. Presume you're on thyroxine? If so, you'd expect the TSH to be under 1.

I'm pretty sure that in the late stages of pregnancy your baby is perfectly capable of making its own thyroxine, so its just you that is deficient (if indeed you are which is difficult to tell without T4 and T3 tests). However, your baby could be helping you out too and making itself bigger in the process. It is normal to have an increase of thyroxine during pregnancy - have you had one? You should be under consultant care with hypothyroidism during pregnancy also, not just seeing a GP. Would definitely follow it up with the GP that was concerned with the result!

By the way, I'm not an expert at all, but have had 2 big babies (over 10lbs) while having undertreated hypothyroidism during pregnancy! Both are fine...


Hi I strongly agree with above, You may have a hard labour, baby will be fine. Also very draining before and after birth. There is a condion of thyroid when it occurs in pregnancy and then disappears post birth, however, may continue then or alter in life. You need at least TSH, T4 and Free T3, always ask for results and ranges. You must have specialist input and a good Endo, pick yourself ,then ask for a referral. Your iron/ferritin should have been tested, but make sure retested now, you need a decent level not very low. Endo will do this.Regarding GP , see another one in the practice and avoid this one like a plague!

Best wishes for you and baby,


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Thank you for the above. I was diagnosed when I was 11, i'm now 30. Never seen an Endo since and haven't had a thyroxine increase during pregnancy. I saw a consultant a few months back. He said everything was fine and have repeat bloods done at 30 weeks which my GP could deal with so no reason to see him again. Spoke to another GP who was very helpful. She's going to discuss my case with the doctor who requested me to be seen and is also going to speak directly to the consultant I saw as she knows how important it is. Even asked if I wanted to put a complaint in or if I wanted to speak to locum doctor myself to tell him what I think. Phew....Glad I got a second opinion


Hi I find it achieves nothing except exhausting to complain! Even if not pregnant the thyroid changes and should be 6 monthly tests, if lucky but certainly annual. I would ask who ever under for the pregnancy and see an Endo, very noticable if you started at 11, as hormonal , never seen such an obvious diagnosis.Thank goodness you have found a caring Gp, a treasure!

Best wishes,



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