I asked on here about a soft swelling on the thyroid and was grateful for the helpful replies. I have now an ever growing swelling under my chin with a rash on my neck the swelling is hot and is tingling and prickly i woke up with it yesterday morning and it is growing, Does anyone know if its connected to the thyroid? I have no problems swallowing or pain but it is worrying me it looks bad and i don't want to go out its that big. I had blood test on Monday and an appointment to see doc next Monday should i try to see doc sooner.

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  • Hi Have you had an ultra sound? First thing for anything unusual, so important. Also what are your TSH, T4 and Free t3 with essential ranges.Post if llike

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    You probably know, if you wish to reply to a specific post, click on "Reply to this" under that post.

  • Hi Jackie Thanks for your advice, I will ask for an ultra sound and get a copy of blood test results i have never asked for a copy before so heres hoping i don't encounter the problems i have read about on here. Thanks again

  • Good, It probably is fine, but the only way of being sure.

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  • I would definitely se the doctor before then if it's getting worse that quickly. I hope you get some answers and treatment soon

  • Hi No joy at getting an earlier appointment. I will try again in the morning. Thank you for the advice.

  • Those are salivary glands under chin. I wonder if you have a stone blocking the gland.

  • Hi Heloise Thank you for your input i have thought about this as my sister had a blocked salivary gland she was scheduled for an op but the stone came away under her tongue and the swelling went, My swelling is now almost gone but i still have a rash, I will ask the doctor on Monday what he thinks.

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