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Don't know if anyone recalls but i wrote that i was seeing the doctor today about the swelling on the thyroid area. Well the doc gave the area a thorough pressing and as he couldn't feel any lumps he has said that the swellings are fibrous tissue. So there we go, Can anyone tell me if they have been diagnosed with the same and can i know stop worrying about it being a goitre or nodules. Also he said my results from blood test were in the normal range. Looking forward to two easy weeks of Wimbledon watching anyone else tennis fans? Regards Stannny

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  • Hi Stanny, You know your GP best, if he is reliable and good at diagnosis, Mine make a lot of mistakes, eg basal skin cancer, was nothing!If it was me I would be insisting on an ultra sound, just to be sure, it is likely it does not matter, but, the only way to be sure.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi. Jackie Getting to know GP and feel ok about his diagnosis i am aware of GPs getting things wrong and very badly wrong with mistakes that have happened in my family. I will give it a couple of weeks and see him again. Thank you for replying i appreciate it.

    Regards Stannny

  • I would be asking for an ultrasound too. Yes it may be fibrous tissue according to your doctor, but why is it there ? Hope you enjoy the tennis

  • Hi Mumtoboy, Oh heck never thought of that, I will give it a couple of weeks and go and see him again i am one of those people who don't like being a nuisance. Until last August when i was diagnosed with UAT i hadn't been to see a doctor for nearly 20 years i have no confidence or idea how to talk to my doctor but i have started feeling more settled about seeing him and how my treatment has been so far. Do i just ask outright for an ultra sound?.

  • Yes you are within your rights to ask for an ultrasound or further tests. You are entitled to a second opinion too. It's your body and your health. I can't remember if you said the swelling was causing you any symptoms. If it was me, I wouldn't ignore it. I had a goitre for 9 years but it was always monitored with annual ultrasounds and biopsies. Even if yours is not a goitre, I would think it needs to be monitored. This is only my opinion though. Good luck!

  • Thank you Mumtoboy I have no other symptoms, I am beginning to feel more knowledgeable and will ask about ultra sound thanks for your advice it a great help.

    Regards Stannny

  • I am going to Airedale hospital in keighley tomorrow for ultra sound on my swollen next which has doubled in size will let you know my results when I get them back

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