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Autoimmune markers and investigating my thyroid classical symptoms

Got some more results back. The one most concerning is the DNA antibodies 21.7 (range 0-15) and neuro opthalmologist wants further investigations from neurologist.

Others quickly ANA 1:640, ACE 45 (20-70) and thyroid peroxidase at 15.9 (0-50), Coeliac 0.7 (0.1 - 5.0). Got completely non responsive pupils (very unusual they say) and inflammation in my eyes which is still being investigated.

I think I've only had 1 thyroid antibodies (peroxidase) test done and don't know if the other is necessary to rule out thyroid problems?

I'm currently on omazoprole and domperidone for stomach reflux and read feedback from someone on this site recently suggesting omazaprole can give side effects similar to thyroid problems? I have to say I still think it might be low Vit B12 but GP not convinced at all with my 269 being "normal" (range 180-2000). My symptoms are dreadful and getting worse daily (loss of speech, thick tongue, pins and needles, insomnia, fatigue, candida, etc).

Any thoughts on the above welcome especially the DNA antibodies and what that could mean. Thank you.

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Domperidone can affect TSH:

It is relatively unusual to have a negative TPOab test but be positive for Thyroglobulin ab - but possible.

That B12 should definitely be treated, in my view.

You might find this paper on omeprazole and its interaction with other medicines of interest:

I would also wish you to have been tested for vitamin D and iron/ferritin. Maybe you have been?



Thanks folks for all responses. I will try and read them all tomorrow. I feel a bit rough and my son actually called an ambulance as my speech went, my whole body was numb but also pins and needles and I couldn't move. It was scary but I improved and was sent home. these episodes seem to be getting worse each time. Still doing more tests including eyes for possible B12 related conditions. At Clinical Neurology tomorrow. Thanks for your help :-)


Hi Klicker, read my response to Mary52 here regarding B12/folate deficiency:

I've put lots of B12 links in, including some discussion on Omeprazole. All your symptoms are relevant, I would suggest the Active B12 test (the link is in the above). Other useful tests are MMA and homocysteine. Antibody tests you could request from your specialists are antibodies against Intrinsic Factor and Parietal Cells.

It is possible to be B12 deficient without showing signs of anaemia. It is possible to present with neuro symptoms and a "normal" serum B12. This is called functional B12 deficiency:



Having thought about this a bit more I really think you need to go back to the neuro opthalmologist and ask about optic neuropathy caused by B12 and/or folate deficiency. This needs to be caught early and treated with B12 injections (the BNF states every other day until no further improvement where there is neuro involvement), to avoid any permanent damage. If I'm wrong then, well, the worse that can happen is I look stupid and you find an answer somewhere else. But if there is a chance of this being the diagnosis then you must get it treated.

Some links:




And here, see page 451-453:


I agree with hamster. Omneprezole is a major cause of b12 deficiency.

Hamster, could you post the active b12 link again please, I cannot see our on your original post. It used to be only one hospital in London that supplied that test but that was a few years ago, hopefully it's more widely available now


Still not that widely available, but you can now buy a private test. Here is the link:


I could be barking up the wrong tree but DNA antibodies are usually a marker for Lupus, or so I thought. There is also a condition called iritis which tends to cause sore gritty eyes and goes hand in hand with autoimmune conditions. Like I say I could be totally wrong but certainly worth checking out.

I hope you get some answers soon.

Ali x


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