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T3 or just stick with t4

I had my last blood tests done i have gone up 50mcg in 25mcg increments and while my Tsh has come down my t4 and t3 haven't budged they are still the same.

The gp wanted to reduce my dose back down to 125mcg I'm on 150mcg my Tsh was 0.05(0.35-5.5)

My t4 was 15.6 (10.0-22.0)

T3 was 4.6 (3.5-6.5)

Luckily she said as t4 and t3 were well within range to keep on dose as I also told her aches and pains had gone my blood pressure was 110/70 an my pulse was 78 all in all I'm not feeling too bad except at night I am still getting pins and needles in my hands not as bad but still there should I just accept this as part and parcel as I just cannot be bothered to fight anymore.Gp won't refer me as results are normal I have been trying for 2 years so can't see it happening.I feel ok just not great is this as good as it gets.x

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Well, if you can't be bothered to fight anymore then that is as good as it gets, yes. But it could get a lot better.

Neither your T4 nor you T3 are even mid-range! Your doctor is ignorant and doesn't realise that most people need their frees at the top of the range to feel well. She is just looking at the TSH and panicking. She doesn't know that the TSH is irrelevant, meaningless, and that it is your frees that are important.

Personally, I would say you need another increase in meds, but I should imagine you're going to have a fight to get it! But it depends whether you want to feel just ok or whether you want to feel 'optimal'.

Hugs, Grey


'agree with above' :)


Thanks Grey I love your tough love approach :) I had to fight for the 125mcg to 150 mcg the doctor wrote in his notes that it was at my insistence.

The blood test form from lab suggested the decrease she did say to leave it then retest in 6 weeks but I can't imagine she would increase my thyroxine.

Was just wondering why my Tsh has come down but nothing else moved I took the Dr.toft book with me last time but she wouldn't even look at it.My next blood test is in 3 weeks if my frees are till low I'll ask her for an increase

Best wishes

Vanessa x


because tsh is a 'pituatiry hormone' that's why, just tells you that your pituatiry is happy with the level of hormones in the blood, this does NOT mean the rest of your cells in your body are!

I can't remember where I've read it but the pituatiry requires less amounts of hormones to be 'happy' than the rest of the body.


Some glands are soooooooooo easily satisfied!


That's the spirit! Good luck!


Perhaps you could suggest that vitD and B12 are tested?



My b12 is fine at 652 as I have been supplementing but have never had my vit d tested.I keep asking and they just keep ignoring me.

I will badger them though

Best wishes



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