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New to this site can anyone help me re borderline thyroid


I wonder if any one can help, i have blood tests for my thyroid every 6 months and have done for 3 years now, every time they tell me i am borderline and my levels fluctuate.

I am constantly tired, irritable, headaches, very depressed and i feel this all could be related.

Shall i go back to Drs .

Anyhelp would be much appreciated, i am at my witts end.

Thank you


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Hi, nikkinikbic, love the username! Welcome to Thyroid UK Support.

I'm sorry if it seems to you that I am asking questions instead of answering. First of all, if you still feel ill, then yes! go back to the doctor!

Now for a few questions. Do you have the actual figures from your blood tests? You have been told you are borderline. That may be so, or it may not. You have only the judgement of the GP on that, and as we well know here on Thyroid UK, that is not always a reliable judgement. If you could go back to the doctor, and while there ask for the actual blood test results and the ranges if possible (that would be the figures in brackets after the result). Then, put them on here and you will get some very interesting and informative replies.

What time do you usually have your blood tests? The results can vary a great deal, and it is generally advisable to have the blood taken as early in the morning as possible, and always at the same time as well, if possible. This is because the TSH level and throid hormone levels fluctuate during the day, and morning is the time that the TSH is at its highest. It could mean the difference between being diagnosed and being fobbed off.

Have a look at this on the main website:

Another idea is to take your temperature and pulse in the mornings when you wake. This gives a picture of the basal metabolic rate, how quickly or slowly your body is functioning. This can help you to build up a picture of your general wellbeing.

Have you had tests to determine if you have any mineral or vitamin deficiencies? Again, there is some information on the main website:

This seems a lot of information to take in, but hopefully it can help you. Please do come back with more questions - and your actual results if you can get them - and you will find as much help and support as you can wish for. Sometimes the diagnosis is the biggest step - you probably know that as well as anyone. Most of all, you are not alone, there are thousands of people on this website, many of whom have gone through what you are going through.

Rest assured, we are here for you.

Marie XXX


Hi Marie

Thanks for replying i am going to go back to Drs and get all the results as you advised.

Thank You



welcome to our site , always remember the info you get is from experience of others ........I think you need to insist on FULL blood test results inc. t3/t4/vit b12/feretin/iron etc to show your optimum may have difficulties with your gp but stick with it and insist ---it is your right ---- just be adamant will get there .......alan


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