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I've not been around much, but I'm sure you guys will understand why.

I don't really know why I'm posting and sharing, I was trying not to, except felt the need to find a significant something, so here goes....

I can hear you in the birdsong

I can see you in each flower

You taught me about so many things

But we just whiled away the hours.

I did see you in the milky way

And sitting, smiling by the lake

I caught the scent of your special rose

And remembered the taste of that cake.

I’m sorry I didn’t hug you more

I should have held your hand

We meant to do all sorts of things

But you’ve just slipped away, like sand.

But I'll feel your warmth in the sunshine

I'll feel fun like a tickling stream

You’ll be in my thoughts forever, Mum

You said, life is just a dream.

J x

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And in my dream

There is another place

I smile and hold you tight

in my mind

All that was lost is found

You slipped away as sand

Leaving me on solid ground


...thank you x


Thanks Jane.

MORE hugs to you.

I will phone my mum later.... :)




That is beautiful! Thank you.


It is -as is woolwyn's verse.

Liz x


I didn't ever know my mum.

This is so lovely, exactly how it would have been.

Thank you.

Hugs xxx


Thank you for your post that's beautiful. x


Such lovely words. Reminds me of my mum. Sending {{{hugs}}} xxx


lovely words xx


lost my mam long time ago, she was great, that reminded me of her,

Thank you cazy xx


spareribs, that is so, so lovely.

I wrote about my father, too, because I was only 20 when he died. My mum I lost when she was 80, somehow, it did not hurt as much, I loved her dearly and I have written about her, but somehow it did not hit me as hard as my Dad. I was at a very fragile age and was just getting to know him as a person rather than a dad, if you know what I mean. I felt so cheated, because I was just beginning to see the qualities my Mum had seen in him over the years. It's so unfair, we still need parents even after we are grown up, don't we?

I am glad that I was blessed to have reached a sort of adulthood before I lost him, and blessed indeed that I was able to have my Mum for so long.

Hugs to you spareribs........ (T) ((((spareribs)))) (UK)


Know exactly what you mean about your dad marram, I was 18 and was in my second year of living in at college when my dad died, he had always worked away from home a lot and worked weird hours when he was home so between that and doing the things teenagers do I always feel that I never really knew him as a person.

Yes indeed, we still need parents even when we are grown up.

Liz x


:) Like :)


That was beautiful brought tears to my eyes ,Hugs to you xx



Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us all.....such lovely words and I know it helps a lot to write in that therapeutic.X


Such very special and poignant words...... very many thanks for sharing them. Sending warm and gentle hugs to you right now. xx


That was from the heart spareribs and woolwyn, thats why we must tell those we care about as often as we can, we never know when we will be without them ,hugs eve x


Thank you for your kind comments.

We gave her a lovely send off yesterday.

Jane xxxxx







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