2 Little Frogs - A Fable

I thought this would cheer everyone up who is battling with the wonders of the thyroid.

"Two little frogs fall into a pail of milk. The pail is half full so they are unable to jump out or stand on the bottom. The only thing to do is paddle away. After a while one of the little frogs says I have had enough of this and sinks to the bottom. The other little frog says to himself, well I can't see a way out of the situation but I will keep going anyway - you never know. Within a short time the milk turns to butter and he is able to jump out of the pail."

Lets hope all our journeys turn to butter and we can jump into good health once again.

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  • :-) I like it.


  • This frog is going round in circles.

    Lovely fable...now how to do a smiley emoticon..have not worked that one out yet?


  • seems you have now - I learn something new everyday (and forget 5 others!) :D x

  • *like*


  • Yes a great little tale, hope no one got to spread the butter with the dead frog in


  • Like - very much!! x

  • Frog butter - yuk! ;)

    Thanks for posting... :)



  • like that immensely , very profound to many of us on here ---- if you think about the parallels ---- one of which is by keeping positive nobody knows what is round the corner until it happens and to persevere because when it doesn't go pearshaped it is better than any amount of pills and if it does then just look to when it will get better...... never forget there is always that corner.......alan

  • Brilliant- I love it!

  • Likey.

  • Really good - thanks for sharing!

  • Fantastic :-)

  • Lets hope he lived hopply ever after. Thanks for the laugh

  • Maybe he got kissed by a princess :D

  • Made me smile - thanks :-)

  • Giggle :D

  • love it

  • So true! :)

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