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Update on my thyroid simptoms

hi all just a update on me getting back to full health I had a lot of symptoms of thyroid and adrenal fatigue and the cause of all this was due to my tablet omeprazole taken for reflux I was just lookin online at all my meds and side affects and there we go a whole list of them so I stopped taking them myself paid for it with acid until I went to see Dr and she gave me something else after a while I started to sleep again and a lot of symptoms disappeared I can now eat yeast again so that was linked as well I am still b12 deff but will see what happens so all the tests I had that all came back normal and different things I was getting diagnosed with was all because of 1 tablet that I had been taking for 4 years so if anyone else is the same drs can't find anything wrong but u have most symptoms of thyroid etc and are taking omeprozole it could be those my life was put on hold fort a year a hated life didn't see a way out or a light at the end of the tunnel but there is Please check your meds online at side effects cos could be those xx

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If you are hpothyroid then the chances are that you have low acid, rather than too much of it. The remedy is betaine hcl, available fron the net. ( I use lamberts brand).

I know the idea of needing more acid, not less sounds absolutely mad, but have a look at this explanation fron dr Myhill......



Hi I haven't got hypo I had all symptoms but tsh always with in normal range I was having tests for past yr and all clear I looked up my reflux pills and the reaction to them were all my simptoms so wasn't a thyroid problem after all


Ah! So you ow have no hypo symptoms, but have acid reflux to live with.... Still worth having a look at the dr Myhill link, it might sort you out.

G xx


I ended up with vit d and b12 defency I had insomnia for a year was awful


I took Omeprazole as kept having really bad acid reflux on a daily basis, noticed it just got worse if I missed a few so quickly stopped taking it and went onto using natural therapies (eating mints/mint leaves/mint tea(drinking obv) and if that didn't work, drinking a glass of milk(red top)....also upped the veg and avoided fatty foods), I don't take anything for acid reflux and hardly suffer at all with it any more....oh and as for the low B12....have recently found out that the gluten in wheat blocks absorbtion of vits and minerals so am currently trying to cut down before cutting it out altogether for a month to see if it makes a difference (just a heads up :))


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