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What is the effect of starting- then stopping treatment for HypoThyroid condition?

Many post on here that the effects of wrong level T4 or lack of T3 are causing problems even with Drs who treat HypoThyroid. Getting the adrenal system right does not seem to figure on the lists of things to do prior to T4/T3 dosing.

Dr D-P in his excellent book stresses the importance of adrenal sufficiency being in place before Thyroid is dealt with- so if a trial of T4 only is done for a few weeks what is the effect of stopping [due to side effects] or lack of T3 being added in?

Does this also show any lack in the Hypothalmus chain?

Does the thyroid eventually get back to work by itself, or can it get lazy- as in androgen therapy?

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I'm really not sure about this but would be interested to find out. I suspect that, after such a short trial, the thyroid would eventually get back to "normal" in most cases. It may take a while though.There could, of course, be cases where the thyroid doesn't regain any function. I don't know if there has been any research on this. I may have to look into it.

I wouldn't be surprised if a few subclinical patients found their thyroid function never got back to its previous function, but I wonder if those people would have eventually developed overt hypothyroidism anyway.

If I get time, I will see what I can find out.

If you find out about any of this, please do share it. Have you tried looking on PubMed for research paper on this subject?

Carolyn x


I will stay on the case- but not digging over deep before I find out GPs response to my recent findings and tests.

I'm hoping for a road to Damascus transition once the fact that I'm really serious breaks through.

I'm far too pleasant, face to face, I think on occasion and a bit of grit may work wonders! Must check on the Health Omsbudsman procedure too :)


Men on androgen therapy usually "restart" and "work" like they did before, so I can't agree that it turns that off, after all that's what body builders using androgens do all the time, usually in a cycle in their case although I definitely wouldn't recommend it! No experience of this effect in women, but I thought that was what treating with HCG was all about in stimulating fertility (which acts as an analogue to FSH and mainly LH).

As for Thyroid, mine eventually gets back to pretty much where it was before I started, complete with symptoms, and sluggishness as before PLUS I get a lot of discomfort in the neck, swollen lymph gland under one jaw (not sure why, as it shouldn't be the one draining the thyroid!) and I also find it difficult to lift my head, it's very uncomfortable!


Curiously this last week my neck lynphs have been sore esp. RHS. My shoulder muscles have got sore too -[after a month on 25ug Levo].

It's two weeks since I overdid the hedge cutting [offcuts still hanging around!] and I think it may be a bit of what you get.

The lymph concerned is at the back quadrant of the neck- Is this the one that drains the thyroid?

It's a lot better now- but felt like a real crick for a few days and occurred much later than the hedge trimming ,also.


Thanks for your comment.

In 'cycling' - all may well return a young man bodybuilding- but I think damage can be done to Leydig cells with longer term use -and they don't return after this.

I notice cases on here {Thyroid] where hyper has turned to hypo with treatment [good or bad]...

I think hormone glandular activities can have a time scales in months - which is why 'cause and effect' is often missed esp. by Drs. and also makes treatment something of a real trial.

It doesn't sound as if it was a trouble free restoration by any means, in your case.

Can you say why you stopped even though you get old symptoms back?


Being on Testosterone replacement, which does stop androgen production, I use HCG to stimulate testicular activity, after all they produce a lot more than just testosterone, so it is a good idea to still have that function. I only started this after a considerable period without, and the change was still quite significant. It's surprising how resilient organs are at restarting, although obviously they are not as, functional as they used to be, which is why "restarts" which are effective in younger men are not that successful in older people - those organs are already sub-functional, so no surprise at that, just it's surprising how much function they can still have after quite some long periods of inactivity.

Due to what seems to have been a viral thyroidtis, I suddenly went rather hyper, and the quickest way to lower levels was stop, (as well as beta blockers) I was surprised how quick and well things kicked in again, but even after the thyroiditis resolved, I still get some discomfort when I am a little "low" presumably being only sub-clinical, I still do have a fair amount of thyroid output when it isn't being suppressed by exogenous thyroid hormones.

Trial periods on thyroid replacement for the sub-clinical are not unusual, so the ability for the thyroid to restart after a period of suppression is well known, although I suspect it gets less likely the longer they remain switched off.



Is HCG available on the NHS? I thought it was worse than thyroid to get treatment for this lack of function..

Good news on the UA thyroid front, then - def.make me push harder for treatment if that is needed, as I suspect.


Not generally, I certainly don't get it! It can be available short term for some young men where fertility is the issue. I have to do it myself!


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