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Bloods ?

I'm learning all the time. I'm due for another set of bloods, been told I'm now ' normal range' but I'm still very tired, dry skin, thinning hair, ect.

My last test were TSH, and T4. They seem to be reluctant to do T3, but I'm going to insist when I'm back in July.

Been advised this gives a fuller picture. What does a T3 test potentially show, I need info to argue my point for having it. I'm very grateful for the support I find on this excellent forum, by the veterans who have 'been there' and not reliant on a text book ! Grrrrrrrrrr

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H 123happy

It is unfortunate but , yes, we have to read and learn as much as possible in order to recover our health.

Get a copy of your previous blood test results complete with ranges (as labs differ we need the ranges as makes it easier to comment) and also your next one. You should aim to have a TSH 1 or below. Unfortunately, labs wont do a T3 test if your TSH is 'normal range'. You can have one done from one of the labs on's site

These are recommended books to buy/borrow


My understanding, early on in, is that T3 is 'the business' when it comes to Thyroid health.

T4 in itself is inactive until converted to T3 and even then antibodies from your immmune system can negate takeup off T3. TPOAb is another test to consider, then.

This is when the expensive [ I have quote for £122 ] ReverseT3 can assist- to show that the body has salted the T3 away, but also where is cannot contribute effectively.

Whether this is a 'good thing' or not I'm not sure- but it happens.

Autoimmune issues can be a very complex area to deal with-and often 'run' together.

[PS: I hardened up my attitude on Gout (also autoimmune)- which is exceedingly painful, untreated.]


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