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Need some information from you kind people out there


I please can anyone who has been to see doctor peatfeild please tell me what to do with the questionnaire and blood results he ask's you to fill in, do you take them along with you or send them to him, he has a clinic in my area in august, and i have left a message on his answer phone about three weeks ago and have not heard anything since, i cannot carry on like this any more getting no where between gp and endo. mspollyx

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...before I saw him in Surrey I completed the questionnaire and sent it along with the test results before the appointment - to give him a chance to have a quick peruse ! You may wish to photocopy them before sending in case they are lost en route. You may need to phone again. It is a very busy office. Good luck 1

mspolly in reply to Marz

thank you marz will do mspolly

mspolly in reply to mspolly

also please can you tell me where you sent them to

Marz in reply to mspolly

I sent them to the Clinic address in Surrey where I had my appointment. If the questionnaire was sent to you then there should be an address on the covering letter - as I remember ! Hope you can sort it all and soon feel well. It can be such a journey....

mspolly in reply to Marz

Thanks marz no they have not been sent to me you have to print

them off i dare say he will let me know when he gets in touch

thanks for your help. ms polly

I brought mine along with me - he'd sent them to me. You should phone again as they have been very good at getting back to me. He was brilliant, very kind and understanding. I'm on week 3 and have had some temporary improvement, but its a slow recovery. Good luck.

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