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Overactive thyroid

Would be grateful for info please about what foods to avoid for the overactive thyroid.mine has come back after 3 yrs was hard to diagnose the first time.but knew it had come back from the previous waiting for hospitail app but while waiting im on 20 mg of carbimozale but i feel terrible would be really grateful for any help and guidance please

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When my Thyroid became overactive after 2 years in remission, I was put on the carbimazole again for 6 months and then had the surgery - subtotal Thyroidectomy- which cured me for good.

I was given no advice about diet but the carbimazole rapidly made me blow up like a balloon until the dose was reduced, The overactivity had made me lose so much weight despite eating high calory foods constantly.


Thankyou so much.i just wondered if there was anything else i could do.when i first had it 3 yrs ago i had no idea what was wrong i was shaking like mad eating like mad and the weight was falling off me it took a while for the doctors to pinpoint the problem.after a year it was under control and they took me off the medication.i knew the past few weeks by the way i felt it had returned im not as shakey but im eating like mad and have lost weight but not as quickly as before which is a plus but im so so tired and trying my best not to go sick from work.i have a blood test next week but im waiting for the hospiail appointment.did all of your symptons go after your op did u have to stay in hospitail.and thank you so much for amswering my question i really appreciate it.


It was a long time ago but after the op I was given no medication and blood tests showed my Thyroid was acting properly. I wish I'd had the op straight away and not experimented with Carbimazole.

My GP told me that it would most likely return and then need the op. It was 4 years since the eventual diagnosis and the initial symptoms were far worse than when it returned.

GP also said it had been developing for some years, so probably began in my late teens.


Hi twinkleyt - reading this with much interest ! You had your thyroid removed and didn't have to take any medication at all after the op ? I had been led to believe that if the thyroid is removed thyroxine HAS to be taken to replace the thyroxine that would normally be made by the thyroid ? I have Graves, diagnosed 3 years ago with extreme Hyper symptoms. Have been on Block & Replace for 20 months or so, which didn't work, and now on Carbimazole Titration (5 mgs & 10 mgs alternate days) but still not in "perfect" health but only been on this latest treatment for 5 weeks so still living in hope.



I had a subtotal, not total, Thyroidectomy. My Thyroid had swelled into a Goitre and was "cut down to size", leaving me with a little bit which after 10 years grew back to normal size. Even as a "little bit" , it was working just right.

I still do not understand how the surgeon knew exactly how much to cut out to make my Thyroid work properly but he did.

It was some decades ago.

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There is no special diet for overactive, just keep everything moderate. Where did you had your surgery, after surgery is there any problem. Tank you


Thank you for getting back to me.ive not had my surgery yet im waiting for my hospitail appointment


You are welcome


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