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Just had a thyroxine dose increase from 75mcg daily to 100mcg every other day (and 75 on the other days) is this usual?

Background - My antibodies ate my thyroid sometime this March - Deep joy- Hashimotos.

Ah so (sorry) - from a TSH reading of 75 on April 18th to TSH 13 on 18th May, Thursday';s blood test showed TSH 6. It has to be said I am feeling better (on D3; Folic and Iron as well) - I kind of run out of energy around 3pm ish - worse than the normal pm slump - so Prof B has raised my dose for the next 6 weeks....wants me around 1..... Would appreciate your comments as always!

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Yes I would have said this is quite normal, usually because they are trying to get the right dose for you and don't want to overdo it. I think the tablets only come in 25, 50 and 100 so if you need something in between 75 and 100 its the only way to do it. I was on 125mcg one day and 100 the next. Now on 125 every day. I imagine when you have your TSH tested again they will see where it is and either leave the dose as it is or go straight to 100 per day.

Hope this helps, take care Jan


Thanks Jan - appreciate the answer

Kate x


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