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Hypothyrodism and Iodine levels

I am hypothyroid taking 100 mcg thyroxine a day.

My tsh is 0.65 (0.25- 5.0)

FT4 15.6 (12.0 - 22.0)

FT3 4.5 (3.1 - 6.8)

Still feel lack of energy.

My urine iodine result came back showing I moderately deficient at 45 ug/L (0.36 umol/L). It suggested to increase iodine intake.

If I increase the T4 will that increase the iodine levels or shall I just increase my iodine food intake?



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If you increase your T4 dose it will certainly increase your intake of iodine. But whether that ill be enough, I can't say. Do you need an increase in T4? Or will that mean that you're taking to much.

If you increase your iodine food intake, do be aware that kelp will give you far too much iodine.

But it's impossible to say anymore without knowing all the details. For example, do you have Hashi's? If so then I doubt any sort of increase in iodine will help.

Hugs, Grey


Thanks for the reply, I had hasi antibodies of 448, when I was first diagnosed but through the last six years I regularly had my antibodies checked and have never had a problem since.

I do still have a few hypo symptoms, I feel tired most of the time and find myself conserving energy a lot. Also bit fat around the middle which I cant lose and have a bag around one of my eyes. I did start drinking milk again for its iodine content. Started feeling tired at first and a bit buzzy, but ok with it now.

Just concerned with my TSH being so low, how much of a T4 rise I can tolerate


Your TSH is not low, it is irrelevant. Once you are on thyroid hormone replacement the TSH is meaningless because the link between the pituitary is broken. The fact that doctors still use it to dose by is just proof of their over-whelming ignorance of thyroid. So forget get about your TSH and concentrate on your frees.

Sorry, didn't really notice your bloods there the first time I read this. Feeling very tired today. So, how much of a T4 rise can you tolerate? Well, I would say you were still pretty hypo and it's not surprising because your FT4 isn't even mid-range and most people need it up near the top of the range to feel well. Same goes for your FT3. So you've still got some way to go. However, it's sensible to only increase by 25 mcg at a time because more would stress your body. And leave about 6 weeks in-between increases.

If you tested positive once for Hashi's then you've still got it. it doesn't go away. (Although we don't really know how reliable the tests are...) So, I wouldn't advise any extra iodine. Milk isn't really a very good thing to drink anyway. You are getting a dose of iodine every day in your levo, and that should be enough. If your thyroid isn't using it anyway, it's just going to mount up. As I said, as Hashi's isn't due to low iodine, taking more iodine isn't going to do you any good and could do you a lot of harm.

Hugs, Grey


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