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A year later

Have been going to the doctors for a year complaining about muscle aches,dry eyes,anxiety general feeling c**p and in the end phoned gp asked for a gp that was actually a member of the practice as I wanted a referral.Anyway saw gp who said test all vitamins first.well I have been asking them to do vit d for ages it was finally done low and behold everything is on the low side apparently I don't have the figures yet as receptionist won't tell me until I have seen the gp.It's such a battle to get things done.

.Asked to see the same one and I can't as he's a locum.

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Hi Vanessa, read your blog and I can empathise with you about this.

I've never felt able to talk to my GP regarding blood work and so I opted to ask the receptionist who was as good as gold in giving me the results even though it isn't exactly an ideal thing to do lol! I'm now putting a subject access request through instead as it saves me the embarrassment of having to go through my GP and saying it's for my own reference. On top of that I'll have something to look through and a paper copy of this is more helpful to me. I'll still have to explain as to why I want the information but I'll be telling the receptionist this, so it won't be as embarrassing for me!

I can understand about things being a battle, but conversely before I changed surgeries I went to two nurse practitioners and they both noted I had a goitre. I go to my proper doctor and they tell me I haven't! It is frustrating I know and I have thought about a referral, even going as far as registering with a private thyroid doctor, but I don't think they come cheap and I don't work so to find money for consultations and treatment isn't something I can conjure up right now!

I haven't had the misfortune to have a locum doctor, but the first one I had at my new practice was one in training. With my practice any patient can see any doctor, but I guess it depends on the surgery.

Hope you get things sorted out soon!! xx


You absolutely do NOT have to provide any reason or justification for wanting the information. (I'd say it would usually be wrong of someone even to ask you.)



I think to be honest they don't want you to be prepared to look on the Internet as it were.



Probably true!

With the benefit of some thought, I might respond "Well, why do you want to know why I want to know?" Suspect that would be difficult for them to answer. :-)



Lol like a sketch from a comedy I can just imagine it :)


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