Hi, I am 21 I have been diagnosed with an under active thyroid that had gone from intervals of overactive to under active due to an autoimmune disease, however the last two blood test revealed that the TSH was in the normal range (I am taking carbimazole). My question is even thou my TSH are know normal is it ok to have a bit of pain around they thyroid area? its kinda freaking me out ! any answers would be really appreciated

PS, the antibody present that indicated the autoimmune was Thyroid Peroxidase antibody's at 250

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  • Yes, I would say it's normal, the pain is probably due to hyper and will go away when hypo, with autoimmune d this can happen being hypo and then hyper, you gland is being attacked by your immune system, resulting g in inflammation. If you are worried and this dosent settle, then go to go for reassurance. X

  • Hi. I have been hyper since January this year. Treatment not working very fast...I have a MILD amount of pain around my throat area. I would discribe it as a feeling of a lump in my throat like I am about to cry (even though I am not!). I asked my Endo about this & he says it is normal for me with my small goiter. It affects my voice a little - my singing has really gone downhill! (Please note I am describing MY experience only).

    Always best to get it checked out, though!

  • Hi Especially if autoimmune, I would request an ultra sound, common to be enlarged and have nodules. If nodules routine to have a needle biopsy bay radiologist under an ultra sound at a later date.

    Do you see an Endo? If not pick one yourself and ask for a referral. Sounds like you may have Graves, even more complicated than Hashimoto, both autoimmune but Hashimoto normally hypo and Graves fluctuates. Also make sure you have had TSH , T4 and Free T3 tested for the correct treatment.Ask for a print out , receptionist + ranges ( all different at different Labs. For autoimmune essential to have other tests too. but if see an Endo they should do them, if any good. For those results phone Endo`s secretary and ask the same, do not forget to ask for ranges. Most good consultants always send you the blood results.

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  • Hi Jackie, thanks for informing me of reply option.. at the begging I did have an enlarged thyroid gland and nodule, however after medication the swelling went down. however no scan or anything has been preformed !. Is there away of telling which autoimmune disease is the origin ?. even thou my blood has been within the normal range recently, could that still cause my pain? like would you say it would be anything to worry about :( ? or is it common.

  • Hi The antibody tests just show if it is autoimmune and in practice most thyroid disease is autoimmune. I do not think the Graves can be distinguished from Hashimoto, except by symptoms, ie variations for no reason in bloods. However, I am sure a good Endo would know the difference. It is not very common ,so GP, I am sure would not, their endocrinology usually leaves a lot to be desired as so specialised really. I would watch your bloods all 3 and keep notes of the results ( +ranges) and drugs, then if not better definitely see an Endo, do not wait for too long. Thyroid disease can be controlled well but Graves quite complicated.If Gp will not do enough bloods, you can get them on liine, I use Blue Horizon, main site Quote TUK 10 for a discount. £61 venous blood or easier ( unless sticky blood .like me) finger prick test about £70. Expensive to pay but same tests at private hospitals, same Lab,are at least £200. If it makes you better, I think money well spent. I do not think health an be valued too much.

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