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Wrist discomfort and very tender ankles

Has anyone had the carpal tunnel type pain (both in their wrists but also a terribly tender feeling around the ankles when being massaged) which encourages you to keep massaging your wrists to try to ease it? Is this one of the symptoms that also might improve if your thyroxin is at the right level (alongwith my high cholesterol).

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I'm on T3 only so I dont know about T4.

Have you ever tried shuffling playing cards to increase the mobility in your hands?

I tried every exercise & technique I was advised to do by my GP & the only thing that eased the carpal tunnel pain & got my hands going again was shuffling tarot cards. At first it was impossible. It took me a few months to be able to shuffle them without dropping them.


Thank you Lily905. I will try this and similar things.I have not been good at shuffling cards in the past so this will be a bit of a learning curve :-) x


Yes, I have avoided bilateral carpal and cubital (elbow) tunnel surgery (docs thought it was my xtra ribs to start with 'tho) but when legs affected too (ankles weak but mostly shin and calf pain/spasm) then ribcage as well - I found out I was low in vit D - have you had a vit D test? - please do!, most of UK and those in northern hemisphere are affected! (there's not enough sunshine so evolution turned us white to absorb more!) It wasn't just the pain for me, also pins/needles & 'blunting' of fingertips, muscles spasms etc. but now I can wield a saucepan! (& play piano badly again).

Dr Lowe also logged the relation to Thyroid problems (inflammation mucin, lack of nutrient absorption and correct thyroid treatment) - I will try & find the link but his site is now archived. Jane :D


Thanks Jane. Got that information and I am sure it will be used productively at my next visit to the GP. X


Good info.

(It has had it's musical problems for me too, as a Brass player)

Mine is unilateral (thankfully no ankle problems, one of few joints that seem to work fine for me!!) and I now supplement D3 (5000iu daily), but I initially had some slight improvement supplementing vitamin B6 before I started the D3 (don't overdo it though!) although it doesn't seem to help everyone.



Thanks Picton. I see the reference is on the American site so no point in anyone selecting the UK site from drop-down menu.Will keep this in my folder that is building daily. :-)


If you also have - Spareribs - "It wasn't just the pain for me, also pins/needles & 'blunting' of fingertips, muscles spasms etc"

As well as the Vit B test have a Calcium test.

I take Calcium tablets. Around 7pm every night my hands start to cramp & claw up. Within minutes of taking the calcium tablets they start to feel better.

I think there is a cross over between Carpel Tunnel, Thyroid Removal & Thyroid Treatments.

I get my Calcium tablets because my thyroid was totally removed & my carpel tunnel has improved a bit.

Someone on here will know. I think you have to take calcium & vitamin D tablets combined for the calcium to work. My tablets are the combined ones.


Thank you. Every little snippet is precious if it goes towards a solution. :)


Hi, ive had a TT and take 75mcg thyroxine daily. 3wks ago Monday past my husband & i hepled a lady up that fell. She put her full weight on my left wrist, so after she got up & went on i said to hubby that my wrist was sore! I had a suspected scaphoid fracture about 16yrs ago im 35 now.On Tues I went to GP nurse clinic who sent me to minor injuries, an xray was taken with 4 views & no fracture could be seen. The nurse sent me on my way with no support bandage & tells me to take brufen, i bought a tubigrip on the way home. The same nurse phones me on the Fri saying that a dr had seen xray & to come back for a support strap called a gauntlet and to have a re xray 10 days later. Went for 2nd xray & still no fractures showing up, so she tells me to take off support and exercise it, i keep saying that its sore & that i was crying with the pain, you think i told her the world was square she just didnt believe me!! Anyway she rings me again on the Tues to say im to be seen by a consultant next tues morning & im to keep the support on until then!! talk about a joke!!! i really do not want to see this nurse again!! Been keeping a record of what has happenend, Sarah


I get it too and have found wearing wrist splints at night eases it and after a few days, I don't have to wear them. I also can't lift anything heavy or do certain repeated movements. My ankles seemed to feel a bit better once my iron levels were up...


I've had chronic achilles tendonitis in both legs since I was 23, which was triggered by a few days jogging. It was relieved temporarily with electrolysis (EPI) therapy used by footballers (sadly not available in this country) which accerlated healing after only a few sessions. I've always been cautious to jog ever since, prefering to cycle instead, but in the past year with my tendonitis seemingly gone, I took up jogging again but I've had flare up of the achilles heel. I reason that I must have weak tendons if I'm always getting injured, despite me using specialised footware for jogging. I've also had wrist tendonitis which will flare up again after stressing the tendon e.g. by lifiting weights. It doesn't seem normal for a young person to have this persistent reoccurrance of tendonitis and it's not as if I'm exagerrating the exercises. I believe the reason I have tendonitis is because of slowed healing/lack of blood supply to the extremities. It could be due to hypothyroidism or other hormones, I have cold hands, sparse hand/forearm hair/ had recurrent ezcema/skin breaks in fingers...all due to poor blood supply?


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