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I am relatively new to the site having posted a few questions over the last couple of weeks

but I have just had a thought, yesterday I posted a question asking if anyone had felt worse when increasing their levo as I increased mine 11 days ago from 75mcg to 100mcg and I had a really bad day yesterday, I had a couple of replies stated that they do, but it occured to me last night that I have had these bad days before any increase in levo also. On the really bad days I feel shakey inside, palpitatons really anxious depressed and weepy and just deel totally washed out, lack of appitite and I go to the toilet about 3 times in that day were as normally I only go the once if that, I am now wondering if it is to do with Vit B12 deficiency as my last result was 377 also had Vit D tested result 22 and TSH 4.3 hence the increase in levo I am now taking 6000i.u. Vit D spray and 1200i.u. Vit B12 daily. As I do like (rather too much) wine I am wondering if the wine is lowering my B12 more (as I have read alchohol gets rid of B12 and that is why I am having these particularly bad days. Anyone got any thoughts on this as if if this is the case then I will have to stop drinking.

Many thanks browny

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  • I have been hypothyroid for 10 years and cannot tolerate alcohol at all. I just don't seem able to detox and have hangover symptoms for days. sorry but can't help you on the B12 connection but I am sure someone will be along soon to help with suggestions.

  • Many thanks for your reply


  • Some people find they have problems when they increase their levo. If you still feel ill after a few days, it might be better to go down again and then go up by 12.5 instead of 25. Everyone is different so you need to find out what the problem is.

    Vitamin B12 deficiency causes very similar symptoms to hypothyroidism and I've heard of people with levels like yours who improve on supplementation so hopefully within a few weeks you will improve.

    I've not heard about alcohol causing problems - perhaps someone else has?

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply, yes I may cut the levo down by 12.5 if I don't feel any better tomorrow, also do you know what dose of B12 I should be taking daily as I am not sure if 1200i.u. is enough

    Kind regards browny

  • Hi Browny, I'm afraid I'm no expert on B12. You would probably get more info from the Pernicious Anaemia society.

  • I have bad days when I've done too much or after stress. I feel ill in a way that is hard to describe. My skin hurts, my face feels odd, I have no energy and want to climb in bed and hide. Good days are great though.

  • browny, I just think everyone having a problem on T4 should be given Armour or Erfa. I agree with this:

    I've read that alcohol may block some of the T3 for some people but I'm wondering just how much you are converting from your T4. There are places to get T3 if your doctors refuse.

  • Thanks Heloise

    My G.P. has not even mention T3. I have just increase levo from 75mcg to 100mcg nearly 2 weeks ago and feel no better, how long do think I should wait to see if it is working, obviously I will have to wait a few more weeks for the blood test so I reckon the G.P. will say wait until then. Also can you let me know the places to get T3 if Doctor refuses

    Many thanks Elaine

  • Personally, I think two weeks is long enough for an increase to make a difference. If you were just beginning medication, it probably takes more time to induce changes but you have been medicated and begun the process already.

    T4 converts to T3 (or reverse T3 if things are not going right). T3 is triodothyronine and is a short acting drug. It is sold over the counter to body builders and dieters as it burns fat and/or muscle but is only by prescription in the UK.

  • Thanks Heloise

    I have just sent for the test from Blue Horizon for TSH T4 and T3

    so I shall see what these say

    Thanks again browny

  • browny, good, I hope it is the free T4 and free T3, total T4 and total T3 are not quite as good indicators. I don't believe I gave you this wonderful chart to analyze those three values:

    You don't have to thank me again, I'm glad to help when I can.

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