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Frustrated by swollen thyroid and balance


I have had swollen thyroid for 3 weeks now and neck is very painful and balance is awful. Doc has prescribed thyroxine but unfortunately I haven't been able to get to chemists to get it. Dies anyone know if my neck will go down once I start it ? I also am 3 weeks into recovering from labrynthitis which us an inner ear problem so is difficult to tell what's affecting what! I am getting very frustrated and anxious about ever being better too!

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Hi Have you had your TSH, T4 and Free T3 tested? Ask for a printout + ranges ( differ) from the receptionist, routine. You ned all 3 done to start with. Lots of other desirable blood tests too. It normally takes about a year for the thyroid to be right, depending on symptoms and blood results. Lots of re tests during that period and often rises in Meds. You can even be worse before any improvement. However, when meds are right, it will make a huge difference.more specifically regarding you neck, probably is thyroid but any way given the symptoms you describe ,you need an ultra sound of the neck/thyroid.

I hope that helps.

Best wishes,


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rubysjules in reply to Jackie

Hi yes have had all tests am hypo and have antibodies. Just wondered about my neck really. Thanks

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This is just my experience but had a slighly swollen thyroid when diagnosed (Hashi's) and once on medication the swelling did subside but sorry I can't remember now how long it took, was 10 years ago. I assume with Hashi's the untreated thyroid is inflamed and becomes swollen so hopefully you will see an improvement when you start taking your thyroxine.

Stourie in reply to rubysjules

Your neck, antibodies and where you are with your hypo are all connected. If you posted your blood results with the reference ranges you might get more advice.

rubysjules in reply to Stourie

Hi I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis thyroid is very swollen for 3 weeks now. It's better than it was . Just waiting to be able to get thyroxine as been to ill to collect from chemist! Had several things all at once! I understand my levels just wondered about the swollen thyroid really. Thanks

I haven't had a swollen neck, puffy maybe, but I too have had Labrynthitis. I've had it for about 2 months, but it is much improved - I just have to be careful not to turn quickly and be careful getting up from bed. I am certain there's a connection with UAT, but hey ho guess I can;t prove it - just gut feeling. Wish you better, it does improve I promise. Liz x


I would be DEMANDING a referral to a good Endo of your choice and asking for an ultrasound scan of neck. I have bo swelling whatsoever, my thyroid does not look large and I have no problems swallowing. Had ultrasound last week have huge swollen thyroid with very large nodule on right hand side and several smaller ones scattered. Diagnosed Hashish and awaiting further ultrasound with radiologist for further investigation. First presented 5 years ago with antibodies and told it was nothing. I would want a full investigation and if it's nothing all well and good. don't hang around.

Hi doc is referring to endo appt within 6 weeks. My labrynthitis and vertigo is making things difficult to get to appts and things.

Could you get the chemist to deliver your prescription? Lots of chemists are signed up to the automatic online system with doctors' surgeries so that you do not need to go to the doctor all the time and then trail to the chemist. It might be worth a try just ringing round your local chemists to see if they will help.

Thanks. Mine dont deliver but asked someone to pick it up tomo so can start it to see if it helps!

Good luck, I hope it works.

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