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Looking for some help re Dysthyriod

Ok so a couple of months ago my eye starts to swell I get pressures checked all OK. I go to GP they do some blood work then they tell me my thyroid is playing up and reffer me to eye Doc at the same time. The eye doc then does a (i think) trabs or trads test results come back via GP and he tells me bloodwork now Ok but i have Dysthyriod. He goes on to say i have "significant levels of Autoantibodies which are causing my thriod to swell and overwork" and reffers me back to eye doc saying thats the best place for me. Now i'm waiting again for another appointment 2-3weeks. Now the thing is I've been suffering for years with severe joint pain, sleeplesness, large bouts of tiredness at strange times for no reason then clear away in 30mins, inability to focus, little of no strength.

So the question is can anyone shed any light on the above are these tied to this and what should I be talking to my GP about as I'm not to happy with the idea of bumping me to the eye doc any help/advise greatfully appected

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Which antibodies TPO, or TG ? you antibodies are causing the issues as you noted, but what are they doing about them other than reffering you to the eye clinic? you need a endo that has knowledge about Autoimmune D. your symptoms are suggestive of this, if all the parameters of your thyroid has been checked and ft4 ft3 TSH, post them on here for others to comment. Your gp is doing nothing to offer in terms of ANA antibodies, when really he should trial you on a dose of thyroxine, your antibodies are attacking your thyroid and eventually you will become hypothyroid. A vast majority of patients also are gluten and wheat intolarence, b12 vitaminD iron/ ferratin/ calcium deficiences, these need to be checked. to answer your question, depends on your current blood test however like you say, your antibodies are causing your symptoms as well as other co factors. Asked gp what treatment should you have, to reduce or stop the attack on your thyroid and post your results.

hope this helps x



Thanks, TPO/Tg no idea as he never said plus same with FT4 FT5 and TSH I'll make sure i see him armed with your info then get those results on here

PS. One further question whats an Endo?

PPS yes it did help much appriecated


When this happened to me years ago, my eye doctor told me I was possibly having a thyroid storm which is a significant incident and referred me immediately to a doctor to look at the situation. I would call the eye doctor again and tell him about your test results. I think he will take it more seriously since he knows what it can do to your eyesight. Tell them your GP is not treating it if you haven't already but I would stress it again. Maybe the eye doctor will then refer you to an endocrinologist who specializes in diabetes and thyroid (endocrine conditions).

You really should have been on treatment long ago and now you have a good reason to insist on it.


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