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24hr saliva adrenal test results - help please

Hi everyone

Just received the results of the above test and looking for some help as to what it means and if I need to do anything about it please?

AM - 5.2 (2.4-33.7)

NOON - 2.7 (1.2-17.8)

PM- 0.6 (0.5-12.1)

MN - <0.33 (0.3-11.0)

TOTAL - 8.83 (8.2-50.9)

DHEA - 4.8 (0.8-7.5)

Do I need to consider nutri adrenal?

I'm hoping to start T3 with Dr S this weekend, will that be enough to help in itself?

Many thanks


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Wow! Very low. But I imagine you will be discussing this with Dr S, so I won't say anything because I don't think our ideas correspond on the subject! lol But I'm sure he'll have some suggestions for you. Maybe nutr-adrenal, I don't know.

Good luck, Grey



Many thanks for your reply. Are they really that low?? I assumed (doh!) that since I was in range, they were low but maybe not that low.

I know I am seeing Dr S but I would be very interested to hear your thoughts please, if u wanted to share them? I know Dr S doesn't necesarilly treat and believes that once thyroid is sorted adrenals will sort themselves but I myself don't necessarily agree with this as how can I fix my thyroid if my adrenals are shot? And how can I trial T3 effectively if all it will do is show up my adrenal insufficiency. Much confusedness!



Yes, it is confusing, isn't it. But I suppose Dr S must have his reasons for believing what he believes. I don't know anything about nutri-adrenal, but I'm a bit dubious about it. However, lots of people say it helps. I did try nutri-thyroid but that gave me such terrible stomach upsets that I didn't care to try nutri-adrenal. I know it's not the same, but...

My doctor put me on HydroCortison. An awful lot of people don't care for that, including doctors - don't think dr S does, actually. And I've already had one 'discussion' on that subject on here today, so I'm not keen for another one! lol

I would say they are 'that low'. They may be in range but only just. I've just looked out my first cortisol test. It was an eight o'clock blood test because labs here don't do the saliva test. It was 151 with a range of 45 to 227 and the lab marked it low. Don't know if that's any help. Anyway, my doctor put me on 40 mg cortisol and later upped it to 60. It did the trick at the time, along with the DHEA. But the DHEA all turned to testosterone and I developped acne! So I stopped it. Due to all sorts of crap that life throws at you, I sensed my adrenals were fatigued again so I'm back on the 60 - and taking DHEA gently! - and I'm beginning to pick up again. But that's just me. I hesitate to advise other people to follow my route because we're all so different.

Hugs, Grey



Many thanks for your comments, I appreciate it. I don't know what I'm going to do yet, STTM suggests CT3M will help so that might be worth a shot first before jumping in to anything else. Hoping to be prescribed T3 by Dr S tmw. Think I definitely makes my decision for my next move between T3 and NDT tho so always a silver lining! Lol.



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