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I've just been told that I cannot have a lymphatic drainage massage because it will make my immune system more efficient which will not be good for me as I have Hashimotos. I find this rather worrying as a strong immune system is vital for good health. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I have mild Myxedema on my arms due to being under medicated fr a few years. I have given up gluten and dairy in the hope it will dampen dwn my Hashimotos and provide me with a bit of insurance for the future. In the mists of time I seem to remember someone posting some info on NOT trying to boost an immune system as it will lead to worsening Hashimotos. Surely, there must be a way to ensure a healthy immune system without compromising ones health???????

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  • Hi there. i have Hashis too, but im afraid i cant help on this.If you don't get an answer on here are you on fb and have you joined the Hashimotos groups on there as they are v v helpful.

  • Thanks! I didn't know about that group.

  • Hashimoto 411 see you there

  • Hashimoto's 411 that should've read

  • Janie, if you do get a reply on FB will you let us know please as Hashimotos 411 appears to be a closed group. Thanks.

  • Hi, I see this morning I have been approved to join the Facebook group. I can now access their page bt haven't asked a question yet.

  • Yes, I just got a reply to my question on the FB forum. I'm not sure how I actually joined the group - there was no formal protocol ie join here. I think just by clicking on like or looking at the page seemed to join me but they dd have to approve me!

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