When does your hair stop falling out?

On 40mcg carbimazole and 75mcg levothyroxine since the end of April.

My last readings taken in March were

TSH. - 2.30. (0.35 - 5.5)

Free T4 - 13.6. (10 - 19.8)

I have just realised that i have no T3 results even though it has always been requested on the blood request form from the hospital - I need to ask why next time I speak to someone.

B12 was 327 (211 - 911) - was told that was 'ok' but seems kind of low to me so have got some B12 patches and have ordered sublingual lozenges.

Somewhere along the line (don't know how ) I have missed my April readings but I was told I was still 'a bit under active' and given an extra 25mcg levo.

So the big question is - when will my hair stop falling out! It is general all over loss - rather than in patches. Have just started on evening primrose oil now to see if that helps.

Liz :-(

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My hair has stopped falling out now I'm on a higher dose, it's regained it's life too - hang in there :)


Hi Wired, did you have problems with your eyelashes and eyebrows too? My pubic hair has all but disappeared too. I'm on a high dose but not getting anywhere, I do have low cortisol too though. What do you take?


Thanks for that Wited - sounds encouraging - I think I am still too low for me- hopefully my dose will be raised next time I go back.



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