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Taking thyroxine and alendronic acid for osteoporosis


I have been taking 150 mg levothyroxine in the mornings very successfully for three years following a tt to fix thyroid cancer. I also have osteoporosis and after much thought and three dexa scans have decided to start taking alendronic acid. My problem is how to schedule both on a Monday morning when I take the aa an hour before food and drink. The thyroxine should not be taken close to eating either, at this rate I will be having breakfast at 10am! Any ideas please?

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Have you tried taking your thyroxine at night? I know most doctors say to take it in the morning but many people find they are even better taking it at night. Just a thought :)

Carolyn x

GiGiPen in reply to PinkNinja

I did think it was an option, makes it easier to fit in the calcium too. Will give it a try, any idea if I will feel any different? Thanks for your help.



I know what you mean meds with this meds with that

I too am going to try a different way as I have to take my son to school in between and then don't get anytime for breakfast and feel sick by lunchtime

Also not eating properly isn't good is it

It's all really confusing where is this 1 tablet I got told would change my life???!!!!!?????

Anyway also some people do take their meds with food with no problem but we re all different and if you have more than 1 problem this can be the problem

Take care

Julia xxxx

I don't think there is any evidence that taking bisphosphonates prevents fractures. In fact it can cause them by making bones more brittle. Side effects are sore throat, aching muscles and bones, and heartburn. If you are very unlucky also phossy jaw and thigh fractures.

My aged aunt was on AA till it made her so ill she thought she was dying!! She had a bad reaction too it and after googling alendronic acid, its quite a common side effect to have an inflamed gullet and have sickness. Needless to say she stopped taking them and upped her calcium by drinking milk and eating cheese!! She is so much better now.

I agree with Angel of the North. The cons of alendronic acid: it is said to stop working after a few years, when the old bone preserved by the alendronic acid becomes unsound; it can cause serious inflammation of the gullet and necrosis of the jaw bone and a host of other side effects. Dentists generally refuse to perform extractions when patients unlucky enough to need them are on alendronic acid, as the jaw bone may be affected and not heal properly or at all. I have osteoporosis as well as auto-immune thyroid disease and came off alendronic acid because of side effects. The values to calculate the degree of osteoporosis are not set in stone either. My endo diagnosed 'borderline' osteoporosis with values considered in some sources to be full-blown osteoporosis. Check SaveOurBones.com for information about diet, exercise and supplements to improve osteoporosis.

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