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Any ideas about Raw Thyroid?

I got talking to someone today(waiting to sign up for my new GP practice, bye bye Dr Arrogant) and they mentioned that they had tried something called Raw Thyroid - she said there was some from porcine and some from bovine which she had been taking and that she found that they helped give tremendous relief from all her symptoms and gave her the energy she needed to get through much more of the day with better sleep patterns. She seemed really enthusiastic it was hard not to listen. I didn;t manage to ask if she was on any prescribed meds as well?

Googled it and found a few places that do it - Has anyone tried it??????


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Stacey, you might get a higher rate of response to this question if you post it as a blog. I think only certain people are able to answer questions in the Helpvine, whereas a blog is open to all for commenting.


Hi Stacey,

Just to clarify, this should be in the Helpvine section. Only volunteers can answer questions but then anyone can comment on the answers. We are writing up some more Guidelines soon so that things are a bit clearer!

In answer to your question, raw thyroid is sometimes another name for glandulars. There are several different glandulars on the market and some people find them very useful. Glandulars are not meant to have hormone in them. It's not a good idea to use these instead of thyroxine or Armour but for a sluggish thyroid many people find they are helpful or some people top up their thyroxine or Armour.

Some raw thyroid tablets available from some on-line pharmacies may have hormone in them and so you do need to be very careful about where you purchase these.


Hi Lynn,

Thanks for this. I have had a search around and found that some say they have been freeze dried to retain the 'biological action' - so maybe that means they have the hormone.



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