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A other question

I have eArlier post of my current health., But Just trying to get my head round the idea that thyroiditis and tsh of 5.9 ( 0.3-5.5 and t4 of 10 (11..8-22.7) is really going to cause these horrible symptoms and pain with large swollen thyroid?? Have the shakes today and jelly legs and feel like falling when walking . And so tired today despite a good 7 hrs sleep :(

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Well, ask yourself how well your car would run if you didn't put any oil in it. That's what I've felt like all my life, a car engine with no oil, no oil in the... other places that need oil (don't know much about cars! lol). I've felt as if I've been grinding along, squeaking and crunching my gears and never getting up to full velocity.

Thyroid hormone is needed by every cell in the body, and by every process carried out by the body. If the body doesn't have enough, nothing works properly. The possibilities for symptoms are enormous. Your T4 really is low. T4 is a storage hormone and is converted into the active hormone T3. I dread to think what your T3 is like! And your body can't work without T3. So, yes, it is going to cause many, many horrible symptoms.

Hugs, Grey


Feel rubbish today . I can't wait another 2 weeks while have more bloods done . I am going to ring to speak to my doc and ask for script. It wasn't my fix I saw on Friday although he was ok and wants to refer to endo . I need to get back to work after half term . Thanks

I suspected thyroid but can quite stop feeling like I imagine this!


ruby, are you on NO medication? If you are on medication, you should increase it.

Read #13.


Hi, only had these results last week. Spoke to my own doc yesterday as feel so ill. She has prescribed thyroxine 25 low dose to start. I have had high level antibodies since at least oct last year when I had test so no idea how long for. My thyroid has been very swollen for 3 weeks. I have been progressively ill for last 2 years. I have high bp that has been difficult to control balance and vertigo problems gastric problems been in hospital with bp etc. very low potassium which has now been treated. Tremors, wobbly legs and anxious . Doc said yesterday that my levels would be unlikely to cause any of this! From what I read on here most people have similar.


Some of these GP's do not understand how much of a chain reaction is caused by diseased thyroid. It also can cause deficiencies because of your gastric problems so your low levels of Vitamin D, folate and ferritin causes other problems. I'm sorry so many GPs cannot see the forest for the trees.

ruby, you must keep educating yourself if they won't. There are some things you can do for yourself.


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