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Any help really

Morning all! I have thyroiditis currently. I had positive antibodies test last October , been unwell, balance, gastric stuff alsorts really since. Two weeks ago my thyroid suddenly swelled and is extremely painful. I have high bp for years and take medication. Water tablet was added in at Xmas after a hospital admission because it was high. This brought nit down but has given me dangerously low potassium which resulted in nearly passing out and shakes balance etc. had potassium and stopped tablets but bp rising again. Saw doc last Monday she included thyroid blood test which show high tsh and low t4. Saw doc Friday and he says def thyroiditis but wants to check its not viral but thinks its hashis.

I keep getting the shakes and wobbles am still off work due to labyrinthitis and balance.

Is the shakes part if thyroid? Does sugar drop suddenly with it? Am freezing one minute boiling next!!! Thanjs.

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yes yes it does, I have just asked this question to a Endo, I cnt remember the name given but suggests to eat at regular intervals. x


Thanks. I had porridge at about 8.30 and started shake and wobble at half 10!!! I do have other illnesses but it seems like thyroid is a major player!!!



This is an excerpt from the above article regarding thyroiditis:

Sadly, some doctors will state that those with Hashimoto’s should avoid NDT because it can increase the attack. That has not been true for a large body of Hashi’s patients who report doing quite well with NDT. The key is raising faster than others to counter the initial increase in antibodies, being on selenium (200-400 mcg) which is known to lower antibodies, treating low iron or low cortisol, and in some cases, using Low Dose Naltrexone, which has helped those with more severe levels of antibodies.


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