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Any side effects from taking evening primrose oil with Levethyroxine?

Was thinking of taking Evening Primrose to try and help with raging period hormones but have read that might not be good with Levethyroixne. I was taking Iron tablets that the doctor prescribed which was helping but have stopped taking after the secong course, as i was having an upset stomach all the time.

Would rather not mess up my Thyroid meds as its took so long to get on an even level and i can function normally most of the time -apart from the few days a month when i'm angry and raging for no real reason.

Any help or advise would be good.


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I take Evening Primrose Oil to help with period hormones and it does not seem to have any affect on they thyroxine. I take it at the same time, but you could always take the thyroxine in the morning and EPO in the evening (iron tablets must not be taken at the same time as thyroxine as they stop absorption of they thyroxine).


Thanks for your advise Dawn. I have got some EPO in liquid form and will take in the evening as you suggest. Hopefully it will do me a bit of good.

Thanks again.


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