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Thyroid function and the lab calling the shots


Friends, this is another part of the bloods - the thyroid results. who the hell is the anonymous toad at a laboratory that can authorise whether or not someone is overtreated, overactive, underwhatsit or whatever/ Still, irateness aside, please could someone help me understand the implications? I am currently on 2 grains of Thiroyd-S, one at 5.00am and one at 11.00am, and 1/2 tab of Cytomel (25mcg, therefore 12.5mcg) at around 5.00pm.

I feel very weak and wobbly, both before and since I added T3 to the 125mcg Levo - at the endo's advising, by the way! And then he agreed to get me onto the NDT when I just didn't improve and told him how I had had a wonderful but short period of feeling great on 125mcg Levo plus THREE grains of Armour through Dr M le Belgique, before the resultant hypo had my heart banging out of my chest.

I'm about to order the adrenal and the rT3 tests, but can anyone interpret what the results along with my feeling so weak, trembly, confused, clumsy, unable to retain information, short-term memory stumbles, tiredness and absolute inability to take any stress without all of the above becoming so bad I virtually collapse.

I know this will be affected by the results of the adrenal and rT3, but I have to walk through this rather slowly at the moment.

Can you help, please?.

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Sorry but I can't see hour thyroid results any where ? :D xx

Schenks in reply to Clarebear

Oops!!! Thanks Clare - just shows what a dork I'm being!!

As Clarebear pointed out, forgot to put the bl***y results in!


! Serum free T3 level – borderline overtreated…………….5.6pmol/L……2.5 – 5.50pmol/L

Serum free T4 – normal – no action………………………..12.6pmol/L….10.00 – 18.70pmol/L

! Serum TSH level ……………………………………….<0.05miu/L….0.30 – 5.00miu/L

– t3 still a little high but better – has apt with consultant


How long before your test did you take any thyroid meds and how much? X

Hi, honey, over 24 hours - the last was the afternoon NDT and then nothing from that time (12pm until after 3pm the next day.

:-/ xx

The last time I had blood tests at the GPs I asked the doc what the reference ranges were, she did not know. I said I was not going to be diagnosed or monitored by a lab tech and I only ( reluctantly) get bloods done for the endo now! Blood tests are not an accurate measure of whether your meds are working properly and should only be used as a guideline NOT in isolation.

Schenks in reply to Glynisrose

You're not wrong!

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