Help please!!!!!! TSH level 0.75 (range0.34-5.6) and T4 level 11.40 (range7.5-21.1) feeling rubbish

Help please!!!!!! TSH level 0.75 (range0.34-5.6) and T4 level 11.40 (range7.5-21.1) feeling rubbish !

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I am suffering , knackered ,weight loss =0 , tried all exercises and nothing!!!, water retention,period missed 3 months, insomnia (wake 4.30 am most mornings, eye brows thinned, irritable ,very, anxiety. Visited the doc and have been told its all normal but I am Soooo not convinced!

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  • Hi I agree they sound like thyroid disease. You need to get a Free T3 test, if NHS Lab , yours,will not do it , the only option is to pay, i can let you have details. When I started treatment,only my Free T3 was low. Then it was always done, I had very bad symptoms and later it turned out I have Hashimoto, the disease was not differentiated then as years ago. Mine is very bad now with enlarged thyroid and nodules. it is not clear if you are on treatment, if you are, of course, you need more but if not, then it is unlikely that a GP will treat the thyroid, unless you can show your FT3 is below range. However, if you find a really good Endo, not many about, then ask for a GP referral, you should be treated, I was. However,you do need to see some one good who does not just go by blood tests. I hope that is clear as not sure if treated or not.really in any case the Free T3 test is the most important at the moment.

    I hope that helps.

    Best wishes,


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  • Hi ya , hope you,can help me again? I have had bloods done today including T3and T4 , any idea what the levels/ranges should be what am I lookin for .?

  • Hi Have you asked for the ranges? if not go back and ask for a rint out + ranges, or if just taken today, leave 2 days and ask receptionist. As a general rule, on any thyroid treatment, we are looking for T4 to be in top third of range and Free T3 to be near the top, this is if on T4 ( Levo) alone or T4 and T3 together.If Ft3 really low, even in range, then I know your T4 is too. If you still feel ill, obvious you need treatment.Some docs , especially GP`s are obsessed by TSH, which yours is in range. That is not a good judge i any way. Any good Endo would treat you with low levels,T4 or FT3, if feel ill with the symptoms, as you do. So, if FT3 low too, even in range, go back to GP say I"I need treatment " or" please refer me to an Endo" but important you choose a good Endo first, just in case needed. If necessary make a fuss ( most of us hate doing that, but if you need the treatment, maybe no choice) Your health really matters. I suggest you ask for the results first from receptionist, must have ranges too. Then study them at home, post if you like, then go back to GP, armed with as much info as possible.If you feel kill that is sufficient, Some GP`s will give a 3 month trial to see.

    Best wishes.


  • Hi Jackie , thank you so much thanx for yr help , I will get results in a day or 2.and go from there , I will post if you don't mind yr helping a great thank you :)

  • good, post the ranges too.


  • Hi Jackie , back again ! I have had my blood results :

    T3- 4.53. (2.63-5.70)

    T4- 12.92. (9.01-19.05)

    TSH - 0.64 (0.35-4.94)

    Oestradiol Evelyn. 139 pmol

    The doctor told me if that the results were normal , I I wish I felt normal ,! When I to

    D him I I struggled to cope and how could I cope with feeling like this , he replied ' well how do disabled people cope, how do people with no legs cope , get over it find a way ' that was his words of wisdom , I would love to see him have hormones !!!!

    Any thoughts???

  • Hi Just lost a long email to you , so if 2 that is why!Typical GP then! They are both, T4 and FT3 too low, T4 usually needs to be in top third of range and FT3 near the top, even then if not well, something is wrong. You also need the other associated tests, Vit D ( hormonal) if low corrected calcium before treatment,Iron. /ferritin, well in range, diabetes, autoimmune and hormonal, you can be underweight, an B12 + foliates, autoimmune and hormonal, needs to be well in range. If you see an Endo, they should do these,I would find an Endo by careful research, then phone the secretary and ask about treatment, ie with T4 ad T3, not just on bloods,better ones go by how the patient feels too. Then ask GP for a referral.

    Louise has a list of a few, if none near you let me know, and I will tell you how I research all my good consultants. I have a wonderful Endo, but I do see her privately, not expensive really providing the GP does all the tests and scripts, usual. I see her at Leamington Spa, not sure where you live. However, there are ways of finding ones, start with the "list"

    I hope that helps.

    Best wishes,


  • U know yr stuff ! Thank you , so as my results are not high enough wot condition do I fall into ? I'm going to change my GP they are old men who I see and I find it so,patronising being dictated to by a in symptathetic male ! He has said he will refer me to endo so iwillget that ball rolling then switch , I'll email yr contact to get this list and source a private endo, do u take meds and do they help you?

  • Hi A friend of mine always interviews the GP before changing. Mine are youngish women, and fairly dreadful. I had thyroid disease 20 years before I could get treatment. I found out recently that the GP had been told by my kidney consultant, in those days ,no patient info!All those struggles for 20 years!That is not the first time, she has been a trial, for other things than that too!

    Any private consultant, unlike private doctors write to the GP to prescribe, that is for safety, they will also if asked write to the GP and specify which tests they want. The only difference is if you have say armour, which most GP`s will not prescribe , because not on their"list". You only need to pay the consultation, ask first. The first one usually more expensive but laid down charges , GMC, Profs charge a lot more, and never found them much good! Most important thing is one who listens. If i can help further get back to me. If you wish to send a PM, click on my name,

    Best wishes,


    PS You have to fight for the correct care!

  • Whilst 'in range' (which means nothing!), that FT4 is very very low - not even mid-range! And most people need it up the top of the range to feel good. So I'm not surprised you feel bad. But as Jackie says, you really need to see your FT3.

    Hugs, Grey

  • Thankyou for yr advice , do you mean the TSH is very low? What does that mean? I don't take any meds either so I am really struggling . I will ask the doc for some further tests and go from there ,

  • No, the TSH is not low, it is just about right for a normal person. But taken alone it is meaningless. TSH is not a thyroid hormone, it is a pituitary hormone. The important readings are the thyroid hormones themselves which are the FT4 and the FT3. You only have the FT4 and that is much too low which is probably what is making you feel ill. But we can't say anything for sure without seeing the FT3 which is the most important one of all for judging thyroid status.

  • Hi ya , hope you,can help me again? I have had bloods done today including T3and T4 , any idea what the levels/ranges should be what am I lookin for .?

  • They should both be up near the top of the range. That's where most people need them to feel well.

  • I had all that it took the doctors 4 years to give me a diagonsis . if you can try a private consultation

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