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Gastroenterology appointment tomorow, blood test negative, how can I convience them to do a biopsy anyway?


I have a Gastroenterology appointment tomorow. My coeliac blood screening was negative, how can I convience them to do a biopsy anyway?

Also, GP tested for Tissue Transglutaminase only. How about Endomysial antibody? Should that have also been tested?

Any tips on how to convience them to do the biopsy anyway??


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Maybe you wont have to convince them - maybe they will do all the tests anyway. Are you still eating bread and gluten? and was you eating it when you had the last test done?

Are you deficient in anything like iron or VitD? (there is a reason I am asking).

Moggie x

Yes I am still eating gluten and I was eating it when the bloods were done. have been eating it for months.

I was low on iron and Vit D but have been supplementing for a while. Vit D is raised and working on iron now.


Moggie in reply to Ocean2

Sorry I missed your reply - if you use the "reply to this" button in blue we get an email to say you have replied to us and its stops people missing your answers.

My endo is sending me to a Gastro whatever as he things I have an absorption/gut issue. My parathyroid is also playing up (high readings) which means my body is calling for calcium all the time so I think he is suggesting that my body is not absorbing calcium from my food plus I am having trouble getting my ferritin levels (iron) up which again could be an absorption issue. I have also had several bouts of very low VitD.

So, as I said, with a lot of your vitamins being low maybe you wont have to persuade them to do the tests as they may be able to see you have absorption issues just by looking at these results.

Did you stop gluten at any time and did your symptoms improve when you did? I take it you do have thyroid problems?

Moggie x

I am in a very similar position. Been having lower abdominal pain, they have established it is probably my bowel. Coeliac test was negative. I have had my GI appointment and they booked me for a colonoscopy (no mention of Coeliac but mentioned checking for Crohns, Polyps). If all clear they assume IBS. I would be interested to hear your symptoms and how you get on as I don't think I fit the IBS profile.

I don't know what was tested for Coeliac though.

Thank you all for your replies! I have now seen the gastro and he was wonderful!

I am having my endoscopy next week!! (I had to push to get an earlier appointment).

He is also at the same time performing sigmoidoscopy (to examine the lower part of the colon). He was brilliant, he referred to that research article, the one that recognises gluten intolerance and said it should now be widely recognised even though many doctors don't...

I am a happy bunny now!!

Is biopsy fool proof? if it comes back negative can I be sure that I don't have CD?

Moggie in reply to Ocean2

Good for you and I'm glad that you have an understanding and forward thinking doctor on your case.

You might want to ask another question regarding the biopsy being fool proof or have a look at this link.

Moggie x

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