Now the spring weather has sent the temperatures plummeting down to hypo thyroid teeth chattering levels etc!

Today I awoke having slept the sleep of a very wicked and badly behaved lady.. Having been on a long drawn out cleanse, for some time, and been nose to the grind stone with Dr BDP's over due diaries, and my attention to detail with my LDN. This was of course as usual punctuated with my very noisy endless fuss, wittering and moaning etc - about what I am doing, and not doing, This boring situation had been going on quite long enough, many days and weeks in fact. I think I might have driven myself to drink etc.

I have been up and down to London more often and than a bride's nightie, in and out of clinics with my daughter, then back to where I live, and now another child on crutches awaiting and MRI scan. Then my usual monthly flare of all things physical and probably tempers.. I had had quite enough. Also there are some windows of energy appearing with the LDN, and my extensive psoriasis is continuing to be beaten back by the LDN. My temperatures and pulses look fairly ok, but need the correct doctor to scrutinize them. I shall post them tomorrow, and find out if I need a prolonged detention or not in Surrey. Talking of temperatures now the spring weather has plummeted down to thryoid shivering weather, and now it is raining, apparently we are having a bbq - actually as I have promised the children - we will do, but make a picnic inside instead and watch a film. we don't like being thwarted.

Yesterday having been out most of the morning, I felt sick of cooking endless meals and had started to be very annoyed with the triffid like weeds in the garden Having yanked a few out, stung myself violently on most body parts with particularly aggressive stinging nettles chasing me, including one up my skirt. Followed by some serious hedge hacking observations - I was the audience whilst he became part of a serious working party with neighbour, to reclaim the correct width of the road outside our house. In mid branch and bramble flinging and stinging, his best new glasses shot off the end of his nose and disappeared into thick undergrowth full of things like years of old dead Christmas trees, and particularly spiny thorny twigs etc. By late afternoon I had had quite enough of the cleanse, and so had he. I was ordered to help and in turned myself into a worse version of Miss Marple, and we did jointly find them, actually it is a record for him to keep a pair longer than a week. At one point in our life I introduced fines for losing them... and started to make a tidy packet.. he got around this by going to the local supermarket and buying twenty pairs of the cheapest brand, all identical and not telling me.

Yesterday evening, we all zoomed out for a curry, not that long ago, that seemed almost to much to do that, I would not have been able to be active, in the day, and go out!!!! Later in the evening I was driven around a friends house up the road, to do something called, having a normal night out on a Saturday! I arrived in fact one day late. The invitation had been for the evening before, but having sat down to watch the television with my daughter, I had then proceeded to slack mouthed snore for a number of hours before being shooed up to bed. so our arrival a day late was fine.

One night on, and we paid the children to baby sit each other, a great formula for good behaviour and lack of fuss - and of we went. Give me a glass of wine and I am anybody's after such a long break, one glass turned into several and I awoke this morning having slept for nearly ten hours, apart from the dawn fussing, that apparently I did involving drinking a pint of water noisily and bossing him around to do the same - no recollection of that at all. At lunch time today, I managed to actually do 35 minutes of physical exercise, however back in bed again, this to be expected, but if I can be slightly less fat than I am, then great.

Meanwhile my darling husband has been through a phase of being extra hilarious... as the gale force coastal wind made it's presence known, he chose this moment to climb on top of the house and hoist some Buddhist prayer flags up, they are supposed to bring good luck - which he needed whilst up there. The day before he got extremely excited and did the weekly dawn dance of the dustbin lorries which deeply alarmed me, as I often get upset about which day it is when poorly.. and he was busy trundling them out way ahead of schedule, having awoken hearing what sounded like a dustbin lorry in the distance.. which normally makes him run up the road chasing one, wearing underpants and flapping technicoloured bath robe only. Any notes I leave around the house as reminder for this, in order for it to happen the night before, are ignored totally or screwed up in a ball and kicked down the hallway. Having heard this in his sleep.. off he went, only realizing it was the wrong day, once he was fully awake, that kept me amused for a least 24 hours. I kept snorting in bed about it and being told to stop making the bed shake.

Actually we have had some great laughs of late, he is very very funny, and very pleased that I have felt chinks of good health, that have actually made me order a new violin bow! I also realized when watching that Mary Queen of whatever Shops thing the other night... we need to get her to sort out all Endocronologists.. a great idea, mind you every forum and ailment... seems to have a beef with one thing or another, on some forums.. it is neurologists who upset people for similar reasons.. Personally my least favourite idea for medical help would be an Endocrinologist with a working interest in neurology!

The last two weeks, with some periods of awful health pushing me back to bed, has been punctuated with my man's telephones disappearing, he loses it now around 3 - 4 times a day, I am supposed to text it with a secret code, but this is no good if it is flat. I have to make him sit down and go backwards through minute detail of hours gone past until I say... THAT is where it is... ie dressing gown pocket, or perched on a water barrel in the garden, or out on the verge ready to be flattened by an articulated farm vehicle etc. Alongside this, one of my cats, the older one has been practicing hypnosis on me... she has given up meowing for special hidden away salmon treats or chicken that HE does not know about.. and instead she sits very very close to me, and stares and stares and stares and stares - until I just do whatever it is she wants!

Another shriek worthy moment appeared when queuing up for an x ray with my son in the local hospital. ... To my delight I realized that a great book was within my grasp... Entitled, The Atrocious Toad, - full of sentences baring foul descriptions and with vile pictures etc.. as my pet name for particularly nasty primary school head, who made my entire family miserable, with institutional bullying over medical absences is that very one, You see, despite our children's straight A's at school for effort and achievement - our absence, (medically documented) made a backward primary school look bad for Ofsted inspections... as of course we can really really help our autoimmune conditions! The book will arrive tomorrow, and I am hoping it will trigger a beastly fairy story conjured from my very own depths of annoyance with institutional crap: I am like a small kid.. I shall be worrying the post man like a terrier with a trouser leg.

There is no place for out dated institutional attitudes I tend to think of them like this.

Mary F x


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  • Excellent, Great to hear you are having windows of small amounts of energy. X

  • Yes - ta! x

  • Ps I am just recovering from being bounced about in the back of the camper in an epic journey!

  • I am hoping that my days of bouncing around in the back of vans is NOT over too! MaryF x phnarff phnarff etc

  • Mmm....backs of vans, say no more! Glad to hear you are having glimpses of improvement. x

  • Ha Ha. Mary F x

  • Ofsted! (cue the dischord) Monty Python's spanish inquisition comes to mind, being a very sensible mature person now I will not post a link, as it's not really appropriate.

    Oh! I forgot I'm not sensible at all and random sillyness is a symptom but also therapeutic (sorry should be done for mere demonstration purposes, and to conquer fear). No - you'll have to look it up! (If you want to that is) J xx

  • Yes.. MaryF x

  • Mary I wonder if your husband might benefit from mindfulness to help with lost mobiles ;-)


  • Mindless Mess! Mary F x

  • Ok - it has to be asked by the ignorant (me), what's LDN?

  • Hi there - here you are: I have five autoimmune conditions and this is the ticket for me:

    Mary F x

  • I've just signed the EU petition about this. I have some Buddhist flags hanging in my office which only entailed standing on my desk rather than risking gale force vertigo. I'm not sure if they've brought me any luck but they are bright and colourful and cheer me up whenever I look at them.

  • Yes: Mary F xx

  • Brilliant Mary. Was worried about you as you hadn't blogged for awhile. Glad you are a little better, I know it's not easy for you. You are an inspiration to many on here.x

  • Ta, I had set myself a boundary, no up to date diaries for Dr BDP, then no blogs for Mary Fuss Budget. X

  • The Naltrexone sounds nice- never mind the therapeutic effects, just imagine all the smiley happy people being blasted withendorphins. Maybe not- it's only the discontented people who change anything.

  • Mary F x

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