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does anyone know if there is a problem again with obtaining Eltroxin

does anyone know if there is yet another problem with obtaining Eltroxin I have just collected my most recent prescription from my chemist and it is not Eltroxin but pharmacist said that my GP had asked for Levothyroxin only and that he could not give me anything else, I need 100mcg on alternate days and 75mcg on the other day I have been given 100mcg and 50mcg tablets from activas and 25 mcg tablets from Wockhardt....I have never heard of either of these manufacturers has anyone had these prescribed and if so how did you get on with them

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Sorry that should be ACTAVIS not actives


See news item from March on our main Thyroid UK website

Eltroxin tablet shortage



All current makes of levothyroxine are also listed on the main website here

Actavis and Wockhardt have been around for years and lots of people do take these. However, what suits one person does not necessarily suit another.


The Eltroxin shortage is on Thyroid UK's news:

The various levothyroxine tablets available in the UK are discussed here:



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