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Test Results (HELP) Re-post from last week

Can anyone help me with some advice on this. I posted last week but I think it got pushed down the list and missed.

Good morning everyone,

I have received my results back from genova and understand what they are saying but I suppose wondering if my GP will use them.

I have been hypo for 19 years and on levothyroxine 175mgs. I told my gp in February that I thought I had a conversion from T4 to T3 problem. She dismissed this straight away even though my T3 has never been tested, and she stated never would be as labs don't test it.

I did the private tests I suppose just to prove to myself that I was right..

The results are as follows:-

Thyroid test

T3 219 Range 592-1850

T4 994 Range 347-1994

T4 Ration 0.2 Range 0.50 - 2.00

Adrenal Stress Profile

DHEA Mean 0.85 Range 0.40-1.47

DHEA Cortisol Ration 1.13 Range 2.0-6.0

I am wondering if my results are skewed as I take 10mg of amitiriptiline at night for IC and also Beconase nasal spray for Hayfever.

In a nutshell. Im not converting. What should I do about it. My nutritionist said we could try supplementing. This could be quite expensive and Im not sure I could afford this in the long run.

Advice and guidance needed please.


Sharon x

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Hi Sharon - just wondering if these were blood, urine or saliva tests, as the ranges are unfamiliar to me?

What ever they were though, your T3 does look low. Is this a Total T3 or Free T3? If these are blood tests, then you might be able to get your GP to listen and maybe request you a fT3 test - my GP requests them and they get done - so your GP is wrong about that :D If npt, then maybe your GP might refer you to an endo - they do usually do T3 tests. If you are referred to an endo, it's worth checking them out on here to make sure that they are OK - some endos are good and some not so.

I'm sorry I can't help you with the other tests or with whether your results are skewed.

Clare xx


Thanks clare

The adrenal was saliva and thyroid 24hour urine xx


Hi I too never heard of these ranges and i use lots of Labs, On line I always use Blue Horizon as really a well known Lab called TDL.Their Harley st. doc checks results, any thing way out they tell you with results.T3 test must be Free T3 test or my Endo says useless.

Adrenal test, my Endo says the only good, reliable test is 24 hour collection, cortisone tablet midnight , blood test 9 am. You certainly do not want cortisone unless you really need it. usually said that if you get the thyroid right, if adrenals out, re tested and then treated, The correct thyroid treatment often is all that is needed.

Sorry not a lot of help.

Best wishes,


May be you could e mail the testers for explanation??


Hi Just thought was it all urine? If so I doubt any GP or Endo would treat on this.



The lab is genova. I got the info from here.


Some people seem to be succeeding in being prescribed a natural, desiccated thyroid extract like Armour or Erfa which might answer many of your problems. Others have found sources for T3 to add to their thyroxine but it's not allowable to mention it here I guess.


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