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TSH = 1.5 (0.3-5.5) FT4 = 9.8 (10-19.8) and FT3 = 4.6 (3.5-6.7).......Advice gratefully received

Well my Dr has finally agreed to the additional tests (such as B-12/iron/folate etc) but is still putting the case across that my FT4's are fine and medically I have no thyroid issues.

Apparently they are only just out of range and even given that I have doubled my weight nothing is screaming out at the Dr.....The positive is that he has agreed to my request for a referral to an Endo. Because he doesn't feel comfortable prescribing me meds because of my TSH levels even though the following link shows that I fall within the middle table: -

Was thinking of looking up Dr Skinner has anyone had any experience with him?

Tried in vain to search previous blogs for a comparison with my results but it appears that I am an odd person lol, in that my TSH is 1.5 when my FT4 is soooo low.

In 2007 my TSH was 0.7 but unfortunately I have no FT4 to compare it with for this latest result.

Is there anybody else with similiar results?

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Hi Brown321, I would suggest that you read this link that Pettals posted this morning :

It's very informative and you could even print it out and take it to your doc if you think he would read it.

Hugs, Grey


Hm, link didn't work...

Try again...


Still doesn't work! lol Have a look at Pettals post, hers works. lol


I'd guess that your pituitary isn't functioning effectively enough to produce the required level of TSH. Remind your doctor that TSH isn't produced by the thyroid. Your T4 level is clearly below normal and needs raising.


Thank you guys for the informative comments,

will be taking this all on board (along with info from Lynn) and should hopefully get a result once I have had my appointment with Endo.

This forum is a god send especially whilst in the 'unofficially diagnosed' stages, lets hope more people find this and win their battles with their GP's.




.......also take a look at

It's an interesting website revealing the crossover with thyroid/adrenal issues well - in my non-medical opinion !

Hope all goes well for you....


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