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Trying hard to stay optimistic ......but a bit frightened :-(

Sorry for posting here but not sure where else I can let it out.

I'm tying not to worry so can't talk to anyone as then it makes me worry..if that's makes sense?

They found a small cyst/nodule on my scan on Wednesday, im sure its nothing, but got niggles. I have read its a small percentage that are sinister. Be glad when this is over and I can concentrate on getting my thyroid function improved.

Apologies for my low mood x

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Don't apologise! It must be very worrying. As the cyst is small it's likely it's been caught early so, even if it is something sinister, they are more likely to be able to easily do something about it.

I know what you mean about worrying other people but I'm sure those close to you would want to know so they can support you.

I hope it is something benign that can be easily dealt with. Let us know how you get on.


Carolyn x


Please try not to worry, I know it's hard. I have been exactly where you are. Like Carolyn said, they will deal with it. When do you see the doc about this? X


Next appointment was booked before the scan, 11th June, so a while yet x


I have had a hoarse voice for a while now and discomfort on swallowing, (ENT ruled out anything in my throat and said its probably my thyroid).

And swallowing seems to be getting worse but probably all in my head because I'm worrying x


Yes that can happen, you start to imagine you are feeling things, only because you have been told there is something there. Is it possible to get in and see your dr earlier, just to put your mind at rest ?


Sorry Hun, but that's the first time I've smiled all day! You have to pre-empt illness round here to see a doctor... Hens teeth springs to mind hehehe :-)

As for worsening symptoms, I agree, I think I'm just more aware of them than before.


Sent you a private message


Got it


Yeah, same as round here. Hey, but at least you smiled :-) keep in touch and let me know how you get on.


Feel the same, two cysts and told not to worry!

Got a lot of pain and a lump in neck so freaking first, asking questions later!

All the best x


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