Low calcium

Been to doctors this morning told calcium is low I think it was 2.09 she showed me on screen and it was lower than lowest range.had already been told this by endo last week but didnt give me results, so have looked up symptoms one of which is breathlessnessof which im suffering with terrible, I told doctor this and she said no this is not a symptom, and asked where I saw this of course I couldnt remember although I saw it on a number of sights.she is sending me for chest xray.does anyone know anything about low calcium and by the way endo is checking my vit d my cholesterol is7.1.

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  • Calcium levels are controlled by your parathyroid and this, like your thyroid can go wrong. Have you ever had this checked?

    Have a look at this very good link and see if anything rings any bells with you.


    Moggie x

  • Hi thanks I have looked at the site very informative

  • p.s. sorry I meant to say you need to be looking under the hypoparathyroid heading.

    Moggie x

  • I suffer with low calcium levels following my thyroidectomy and take calcium and vitamin D supplements. I found a lot of useful information on hpth.org.uk.

  • Hi Low corrected calcium ( the only one that matters) is usually down to low Vit D. this and of course, food is the easiest way to put the calcium up.you ill probably need calcium tablet with vit D ( Nice1` chosen option for treating Vit D anyway Re test in 3 months for the levels.I cannot understand why the Endo did not check, normally the first thing they do and as hormonal it should be under an Endo ideally anyway.Vit D of course should help your thyroid and I suspect might be the cause of your symptoms.With low calcium which is an electrolyte make sure you have the other electrolytes tested too. Magnesium, tiny range separate test,U`s and E`s ( kidney function) Sodium and Potassium.Low sodium can cause very bad cramps and Potassium should ideally be middle of rang, about 4. However the importance is that electrolytes effect kidney`s and heart. I am assuming the Endo tested iron/Ferritin and B12 and Foliates, these can make you breathless too. Also Diabetes ( autoimmune and hormonal) , These are normally standard tests + the vit D at first visit and more if thee Endo thinks needed.I hope this helps. When everything else ruled out and no better at that stage make sure of the heart as breathlessness can be lots of things but also the first indication of any heart problem.

    Best wishes,


  • How is your B12 level? Anemia might cause breathlessness. Red blood cells carry the oxygen to your lungs which is reduced when you are anemic.

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