Am I being paranoid?

Saw endo, had blood results. Her comments to GP were TSH fine at 0.45, BP fine, need synacthen for adrenals, B12 very low -- please do intrinsic factor test. Just went into the surgery for bloods GP had requested, some of which I knew overlapped with what endo had requested. Said to nurse, all I appear to need is intrinsic factor -- everything else has been done. Nurse says, "Well, doctor has requested these". I ask her to ask GP so as not to repeat tests that already have results. The thing I'm worried about is after the endo appointment I felt optimistic that there would be no more argument about my BP or my levo level of 50ug, and the B12 and adrenal issues would be addressed. Now, I'm concerned the GP is going to be resistant about stuff. Am due to see her next week. Am I just being completely paranoid? Will the endo's requests have to be followed (which is what I want)?

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My GP will follow some of the endo's recommendations but not all. He recommended a maintenance course of VitD, which she refused, and when I mentioned this to him yesterday he told me top go to Holland and Barretts!!! On the other hand he said I had to stick to 100mcg's of T4 and I was going down hill fast on this dose so asked her to up it to 125mcg's. She refused to do this and I had to get really uppity with her to get my increase.

So the answer, as far as my experiences goes, is that GP's will ignore what they want to and implement what they want to. I think they ignore what could cost them money and implement what saves them money but that's just my opinion.

Moggie x

I was sort of hoping replies would be 'of course, you are being paranoid'. Alas, no. My GP is willing to prescribe Vit D, but I'm more concerned that she be willing to give me Vit B12 injections, given how low my B12 level is. We shall see. I am wondering too if she's going to grumble about my TSH at below 1, which the endo was very cheerful about.

As long as the endo is happy with your TSH being below one (don't forget the lower end of the range is usually 0.35) then she should be o.k. with it because someone of a higher authority has o.k'd it.

Did you mean to say that you are concerned she will NOT be willing to give you B12 injections? If that's the case then you will need to phone up your endo's secretary and ask for advise on the matter.

Moggie x

Yes, that's what I meant regarding B12. However, the endo is explicit in her letter to GP that it is likely I have pernicious anaemia and will require injections.

Then if she tries to ignore it you phone the hosp straight away and explain the situation. I wouldn't be putting extra strain on myself if I were you until it looks like she will possibly refuse. She could just as well be fine with it and you get your injections without any trouble. If your endo has clearly stated that you need the injections and why then she should follow his instruction to the letter. There is a big between my GP not wanting to give me long term vitD to having B12 injections for possible pernicious anaemia.

Moggie x

I hope you are right. I guess I'll see next week.

Your GP should follow the instructions re 'instrinsic factor' as this test can confirm Pernicious Anaemia for which you would need lifetime injections.

Moggie you are absolutely correct. GPs will do what they like. What I really can't understand is why they bother to refer you to a specialist in the first place if after he reports his findings and recommends a course of action the GP has no intention of following the advice. I have just had the exact same scenario happen and pointed this out to my GP asking why both mine and the specialist time has been wasted.

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