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advice on blood tests please

I had bloods tested while on 50 mcg levo back in Feb 0/13 and results as follows

TSH 1.8 (0.4-5.0)

Ft4 16 (9-19)

FT3 3.7 ( no range given

Without gp's permission i increased my levo up to 75mcgs, feeling a bit better and not having my afternoon crash.

recent bloods taken this week

TSH 1.9 (0.40-5.00)

FT4 16 (9.00-19.00)

T3 not taken.

Asked for thyroid antibody test which GP asked for, wasn't done as path report says don't need it done as I'm on Levo? has anyone else experienced this?

all answers gratefully received. Hope you all have a nice day

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Hi First the anti body test is very good but not fool proof. If you are having the correct treatment for thyroid, that is what really matters. There was not test for antibodies some time ago, of known to be more than Hypo or Hyper, with the correct treatment and the extra tests, mostly autoimmune,it D ( corrected calcium before treatment id low), B12 and Foliates and diabetes and iron/ferritin. It really then just a case any way of watching for autoimmune diseases, many. If trouble swallowing and voice bad, an ultra sound.I can understand you putting up the thyroxine ,your self, however, tempting as it is it does perpetuate the wrong treamrent against bloods. That FT3 is normally low in range, but a very different test at different Labs, go back and ask the receptionist, what their range is. otherwise, you need one on line with ranges. At the moment your T4 is about right, if goes higher or FT3 low then you would benefit from some T3 on a script too. Depends on ranges. helps all the symptoms especially weight but must never go over range. it does slightly lower the TSH, which is why a lot of GP`s are frightened of it. If this is your case insist on seeing a good endo. , normally their prefered teatment.T3 is normally started at 10mcg or 20mcg, taken slit into 2 12 hours apart. Retest after one month on full prescribed dose, always better to start lower than prescribed because of side effects.You are on a very low dose of Levo, however, T4 often best only in top two thirds of range.where as FT3 often needs to be very near the top.

The main key is how you feel. You also need the other tests.

Best wishes,



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