I did it!

I did it!

I just wanted to post an update to my last blog about climbing Pen Y Fan - I did it :) we managed to climb Corn Du, Cripin and Fan Y Big (lol) as well ;) this isn't as hard as it might sound as they were all on a ridge, so you didn't have to go all of the way down and then up again :D However, I did find it quite a tough challenge. We were very lucky with the weather - it was quite sunny, slthough very cold and windy at the top with the odd flurry of snow. Back home now after another walk today in the valley of waterfalls, and just had a lovely hot bath which has soothed my very achey muscles. A year ago there is no way I could have done this - so thanks again to everyone for your amazing help and support. Xxxx

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  • Well done Clarebear!!!! So glad it all went well. You are an inspiration for many.:)


  • Thank you :) xx

  • Fantastic!

  • The views were fantastic :) xx

  • Well done. My experiences in that general area were more often in and around the Skirrid Mountain Inn. :-)


  • Oh we didn't manage to find an inn but indulged in plenty of wine back at the youth hostel !! Where is the inn for next time please ?? :D

  • Used to go up round and through Talybont, Llangorse, Llanthony, etc.

    The inn is here:


    It was a long time ago but it looks exactly the same as ever!

  • It looks lovely - we were looking for a pub near Abergavenny and found one - The hen and chicken, but not as nice as this one looked :)

  • Yay good for you! Thank goodness the weather was kind :) But how do we know that's you in the photo... so small it could be anyone ;)

  • She's the one in purple.

    Well done CB - so much different to last year? I'm sorry I laughed at one of the half welsh names :D xx

  • Thanks for the clarification :D

  • Oh dear I have I misspelt one of the names??

  • Not at all! 'Fan Y Big' just made me giggle (doesn't take much) xx

  • I had misspelt Cribyn though :) I know Fan Y Big - lol - that's why I had to check-in there on FB :) :) xx

  • It was me honest :D

  • That is wonderful! Congratulations. How do you feel?

  • Knackered and a bit achey but very pleased :)

  • That's brilliant, Clare! x

  • Thanks :) xx

  • Yeah - well done Clarebear, once when your body stops hurting you will feel an amazing sense of achievement. I've thought of you on and off all day and wondered if you were likely to need those over trousers :-)

    Liz x

  • The trousers stayed in my backpack thankfully but it was very cold and windy and I was very glad of my thermals :) xx

  • Congratulations Clare - gives lots of encouragement to others still struggling to get the right meds.

  • Yes thank goodness for the right dose of Armour :)

  • Oops it's Cribyn not Cripin !! :D

  • Wow, thats teriffic Clarebear! Gives the rest of us some hope too , well done you x

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  • Thanks - there is no way I could have done this a year ago. Thank goodness I stuck it out with Armour through the really horrible bits :) Hope you get sorted out with Dr S xxx

  • Well done and what a wonderful place to walk! Do hope you manage more walks and especially with some decent weather. It's been chilly this weekend, boo.

  • It was lovely and nice to be away with my friends, although I did miss Rick and the girls :D xx

  • Brilliant!

  • Fan Y Big Big-

    Big Big Big result. If I recall there's still plenty of climbing involved and its a long tough walk so super congrats to you. Don't be so modest. I'm really chuffed for you Clarebear after all you've been through. Inspiring for everyone. But best of all for you.??????

  • Thanks - there were a few steep bits - getting up onto the ridge at the start was hard, as was the climb from the bottom of Penn y Fan to Cribyn and then again from the bottom of Cribyn to the top of Fan y Big. I am very pleased to have done it. Today I'm feeling a bit hypo and am wondering if I should have taken a bit of extra Armour or not...xx

  • Good for you.x

  • Well done!

  • It looks lovely. Congrats :)

  • Well done ... I am pleased you achieved your goal and enjoyed every minute of it :-) ... you are an inspiration to many and makes us realise there is still be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel we just have to move closer to it.

  • fantastic clarebear, feels a bit like 'climbing the hypothyroid mountain' and getting on top of it!


  • Wonderful Clarebear, you have given hope and inspiration to so many people on here.

    Love Angie xx

  • Thank you very much everybody - I feel totally undeserving of all of these lovely comments :D I have improved hugely though, and am glad that this can provide others with a bit of encouragement :) xxxx -

  • Clarebear I wonder if anyone can answer the question if taking extra Armour to T3 if we have a heavy active day is the right way to go.

    I did a hard hilly bike ride last Thursday and felt very low for a day or two.

    I was thinking on the same lines as you. Oh and you do deserve the praise, it's been a long hard slog for you.??

  • I think this question has been asked before and the answer is yes but how much and when I don't know :D I suspect I only needed another 1/4 to 1/2 grain at the most. I suspect that I should have taken this on the day, not 2 days later, so I am not going to take any extra now but will think about it next time. xx

  • Brilliant! Well done :)

  • Thanks Carolyn :) xxx

  • How wonderful ClareBear, you really have to feel better to undertake such a climb. I hope that if I get on to Armour or T3 it isn't compulsory to climb mountains (lol)!!!!

    love from Jennie

    ps My GP has allowed me to raise my T4 by two 25mcg increments and I am now taking !75mcg. I am feeling better mentally, and have been for walks and planted some seeds in boxes, which I couldn't do before. And this is largely thanks to your encouragement. Thanks a million and may you continue to thrive!!!

  • Thankyou very much and so glad to hear you are improving too - seed boxes sound lovely - I really need to get out in the garden too. Glad your GP has increased your thyroxine. Hopefully you will continue to improve and maybe see you at the top of Ben Nevis next year !! :) xx

  • well done you! I am really pleased for you!

  • Thank you - can't believe the difference compared to how I felt last year :) xx

  • Gosh Clare - I'm delighted for you and inspired. Congratulations. Is this vast improvement owing to your CT3M odyssey, do you think?

    Steph :) xx

  • Thanks Steph ;) Yes I believe it is. I think CT3M has allowed me to increase my dose, which I was unable to tolerate before due to the horrible side-effects I got. I was speaking to someone at the Bristol support group meeting this morning, and they have found exactly the same thing and are loads better too :) xxx

  • Wow. Roll on the spit test! : D

  • Or even, :D

  • Good luck :) xx

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