It appears I have a brain after all!


As some of you know, I recently switched to NDT and noticed some improvements but still a little way to go. I am still increasing my dose though, so I'm not expecting miracles until I have been on the correct dose for a little while. Even though I'm not there yet, the signs are encouraging.

One of the most noticeable problems I have been having over the last few years is not being able to think or remember or concentrate. Well, yesterday at work I had 3 brainwaves within 10 minutes and I had another one today! (I told them that's probably it for the rest of the year now ;) ) Three of these ideas involved PVA glue and the use thereof; very useful when you work in an infant school :D but I also solved a little dilemma someone was having today with my knowledge of obscure information. This is what I always used to be like. Full of seemingly useless information that would come in very handy from time to time. My brain always seemed full of stuff and the right thing would just pop out at the appropriate moment. I have missed that over the last few years and it was very pleasing to have it happening again.

On top of that I have been coping fine with the mega-stress of christmas at school. Making school play costumes, making the eco-tree for the church Christmas tree competition etc, etc, all whilst still doing all the other stuff that needs to be done on a daily basis. I'm even up to date with all my marking (although I only have to mark 1/3 of the books most of the time). I even managed to wing it when I was covering the teacher today and the plans had to be changed. I didn't even get particularly stressed about it.

And with the snow this morning (I love snow) and lots of the staff getting in late because the roads were all blocked with traffic and accidents and stuff and the kids having snowball fights in the playground (my turn for playground duty this week!) Life is fun. I'm still tired but I am enjoying life and feel almost like my old self again.

I'm due to increase my dose at the end of the week so maybe my energy levels will start increasing again. Meanwhile I probably ought to make sure I'm not overdoing it. Overdoing is quite tempting once you find you are "doing" again.

Anyway, sorry for my inane ramblings. I hope you're all having a good day :)

Carolyn x

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That's great news and encouraging for others on the bottom rung of the ladder with regard to getting to an optimum (if allowed by GP's/Endos) dose,

Thanks :) Hopefully it is hope for others. I know I used to feel pretty hopeless. turned out well in the end :)

Such good news Carolyn. I remember how apprehensive you were about starting your job and it seems as though you are truly in the thick of it now as well as all kinds of other stuff.

It's so good to hear about it. Jane x

Thanks. It's great to have my life back again :)

Hi Carolyn

I am so pleased that NDT is working for you. I too work in a primary school and have had a lot of time off recently with depression and am currently fighting to keep my job. I have only just began to understand how much hypothyroidism has affected my ability to work (I just thought I wasn't good enough to be a teacher). My doctor has agreed to monitor me whilst a change to Amour after Christmas so I am beginning to have a little hope. Enjoy your time in school at Christmas, it is the best time.

Take Care


Thanks :) Keep fighting! It is worth it in the end. I'm sorry you're having to fight for your job. Is your head not supportive?

Hopefully the Armour works well for you too :)

Carolyn x

Hi Carolyn

No she isn't supportive in any way. People who do not understand hypothyroidism just think we are hypochondriacs. I will keep fighting.

Take care


:( I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Armour works for you.

Carolyn x

Hiya Carolyn,

This is a really lovely little blog to read, and yes very encouraging for all of us.

I was teaching English online, but I have had to give it up for now as I can't always find the words, not very good when the students get them for me!

I hope you continue to do well, and please let us know how you go


Thank you. I hope you find what works for you too. It must be so frustrating to not be able to teach any more :(

Take care

Carolyn x

Hi Carolyn, you sound so different from just a few weeks ago. So pleased for you that you seem to be getting back on track now. Women are never full of useless information - it is always useful to somebody! Hope you continue to improve. Janet xx.

Thanks :D

Yes it is so lovely to read of your progress Carolyn :) Think you must have sorted out your adrenals pretty well prior to starting the NDT as you seem to be able to tolerate the increases much better than I could. I got there in the end though :D Please keep on posting the blogs :) xx

Thanks :) I increased to 2 1/2 grains today, a couple of days early because I was getting very tired in the evening again. This evening is feeling a little better. I count myself very lucky that I am having no problems with the increases but I'm wondering what sort of dose I'm going to end up on! I've heard the NDT/levo conversion charts are wildly inaccurate so the 1 1/2 grains it says was always going to be too low. I suspect it's going to be around the 3 grain mark at least as I am able to increase by 1/2 grain at a time with no effect other than being a little less tired and a little more "here" in the real world. It will be interesting to see!

NDT really seems to be suiting you too. I'm pleased you finally found the right dose :)

Take care xxx

So good to hear of a success story hope it continues :)

Jo xx

Thank you :)

Thanks for your good wishes everyone :)

Hi Carolyn,

Havent been on for a while, but saw your blog and wanted to wish you well, and hope you carry on feeling better and may this be a great year for you x

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