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Side effects of Short Synacthen test?

Just a quick question as to possible side effects and what they might mean from having th Short Synacthen Test?

I had my test on Thursday. No real reaction at the time apart for being extremely tired, which I was before anyway.

However, yesterday morning I woke up to to find a huge lump on the inside top of my leg. I also felt quite ill all day yesterday and today. I have nausea and aching like I used to, particularly back and arms. I feel quite weak and even more 'not with it'.

The lump seems to be some kind of abscess and looks like it has spread out around the area and further down my leg. It has been very painful but I will see what it is like tomorrow, although worried about infection.

Has anyone heard of these kind of side effects or is it just me being ill as usual?

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I would think that this is unrelated and coincidental. if it is an abscess you need to get it treated quickly before your blood becomes infected and it becomes a much more serious situation. Do not wait to "see how it is", go to A&E straight away. Even if its not an abscess Im not sure you should leave it so please go straight away and be seen. x

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Thank you, I've only just seen this.

Last night it seemed to have burst(sorry this sounds disgusting) and quite a lot of liquid/blood came out. I put a saline solution soaked dressing on it. This morning the lump has gone right down and seems to be just leaking a small amount so am keeping it clean and continuing with the saline solution. My leg is still still slightly swollen but I think this is reducing too, it's definitely not getting worse. I feel much better too, so will give my Gp a call tomorrow morning and get it checked.

Have to say, I was quite concerned last night but thankfully it seems to be nothing serious now. Thanks again for your concern and advice X x


I agree with Apfab. I was told when I had my test there wasn't any side effects, and I didn't have any.

See the Docs. or A & E if painful. don't wait for it to get bigger.


Thank you :) Please see my reply above, all seems to be okay now X x


I have just come back from the hospital after having a short synacthen test, no ill effects other than feeling a little jittery.

As for the abscess it's good that it has burst but you must keep the area clean. Jill


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