test 9.8 then retest after one month 3.8 is it hpo or not if symptoms also changes some what?

From 2 years i was feeling tired and constipation shortness of breathing but it resolves itself but from last 4months having severe constipatiion, went to doc and he give test for tsh that was 9.8 in march he said it is hypo but test it after 3 months then will treat u ut because of constipation and tiredness i think to test it earlier so went last week for this.

shocking for me is the day i was going to test tsh i was feeling myself energetic and tsh also come 3.8 then symptms resolved by self but next day of test i got stomach pain diarrhea and somnolence , diarrhea only for 2 days but somnolence and stomach pain continued. I thought it is moving to hyper.Now i called my (teacher)doc about report he said u have no thyroid problem,may it is some bacterial infection.Now a days i have somnolence such that want to sleep every time and stomach pain every morning ,my exams are near cant study I need to know i am hypo or not? if any has this type of condition? what i should do?

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  • Autoimmune thyroid disease can cause big fluctuations in thyroid levels, with the accompanying fluctuations in symptoms. You could ask your doctor to test for thyroid antibodies to clarify whether there is an autoimmune problem going on.

    The symptoms you've mentioned could of course be caused by other things too. For example, stomach problems might point to Coeliac disease and Perncious Anaemia (vitamin B12 deficiency), so even if thyroid is ruled out, your doctor should continue to investigate the cause of your problems.

  • Hi As above. First though I would insist on tests for tSH, T4 and free T3, the only way to really sed and treat the thyroid. If GP difficult, alternatives a good endo, or better, to start with, on line tests.www.thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk.te show the GP results and try!

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  • Hi Meant to say ,if you reply to some one click on" Reply to this" under their post. This GP is a change from lots, who say, not thyroid you must see a psyche!


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