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I have posted about IBS being the worst symptom of my very late and sudden menopause, and with menopause comes sky high levels of anxiety, but I always seem to be REALLY bad when I am bloated, constipated and back achy. I don't have classic colicky pain but an ache that goes into my side, groin and thigh, along with a twitchy, fluttering pelvic area, all very odd, but when this happens, I have head fog, heart palpitations, feel very nervous, and have an inability to concentrate. Everything has been checked out, inside and out, and everything looks fine, apart from two slightly knackered back discs, is this a normal reaction to IBS?

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  • Have you had your vitamin and nutrition levels checked? What fhanges have you made to your diet?

    I would suggest you see a nutritionist and or try Acupunture for the symptoms.

  • Many thanks ibsr, no, I have only had routine bloods done, and all were fine, although they indicated "inflammation" somewhere! I am really struggling to find a clinician to understand what is happening. I don't know if you live in the UK, but here GP's are very under trained with menopause symptoms, rely on old research, and are happy to pass you on to someone else! That "someone else" usually is no better, and as I have IBS as a large part of my symptoms, that too is usually passed over. Everyone has been sympathetic but I have never really had the help I would like. I have stopped eating foods with tomato as an ingredient, and fermenting fruits such as grapes, melon etc. My gynae consultant has prescribed Amitriptyline, which has helped the pelvic pain but not helped the ibs. I stopped taking HRT as it did not help at all!

    I think you are right though about getting nutritional help, but will it help even if the ibs is caused my hormone depletion?

    Feeling very down today!

    Ruth. xx

  • I know menopausal symptoms do get better with time and hard work taking care of yourself. Do you have IBS-C or D? I was helped by B vitamins, D and E and extra calcium and magnesium . Plenty of water.

  • PatV, I have mainly IBS-C, but don't take any vitamins, just use a magnesium spray for my back, but haven't noticed any improvement really. It got to the stage where I was popping so many pills, none were making any difference, that I didn;t look to take any more. Which Vitamin B supplements did you take?

  • I took what was known as a "Stress supplement" . It had all the B's plus others believed to help with stress. I thought it was terrific. Can't find it now so when doctor said my B12 levels were low, I just bought B complex by Solgar. I also take magnesium citrate 200 mg (2x a day when I remember, but at least once) by Solgar and 1000 unit Vitamin D by Solgar (ditto 2x).

  • Thanks again PatV, Can these supplements be taken with prescription drugs, I am on Ramipril 2.5 for high blood pressure? Do I need to discuss it with a nutritionist or GP?

  • It never hurts to do so. They might want to check your blood work for B12 and D3 first.

  • But I would insist the inflammation marker be checked out!

  • Thankskerrym212. Are you from the USA? Here in the uk, it is rare for hormone bloods to be taken as routine for menopause symptoms, as they are not considered reliable, as hormone levels can change hourly. But you are right, the anxiety/IBS cycle is horrible, I have been told that I may benefit from have my cortisol levels checked, as long term anxiety can deplete the adrenal glands, thus causing the digestive system to have to work harder.

    I have seen many gynae consultants, and know that from a physical point of view, all is fine.

    There is a clinic here in the UK, that is private, but will do all the bloods that the GP's won't, and understandS IBS, of course it is hours away, but I think I need to go, as I want to change my job but can't while I feel this way!

    Still feeling fed up!

    Ruth. xxx

  • Hi Ruth

    Yes I am in the UK and fully understand about finding someone who can help.

    If you can afford the acupuncture do give it a go as it will address both anxiety and hormones.

    I'd be interested to know about the clinic that does the testing as am myself looking at some options for my IBS seeing as I am not getting anywhere with the Drs.

    Also you mentioned having the cortisol levels checked...where would you go for that?

    Best of luck and chin up:-)

  • Again many thanks lbsr. I have never tried acupuncture but know of many women have have, and say it really does work. I live in the North East, near Durham, and we don't seem to have quite the range of alternative help here, but I would walk to the ends of the earth to get help now! There is a clinic in Surrey, Guildford, I think, that will do a range of bloods. I have just emailed them, so will let you know what they say.

    Ruth. xx

  • Hi Ruth

    Came across a list of herbs that help with lowering cortisol: gingsing, holy basil, ashwaganda,, astralagus, liquorice root, rhodiola. You'd have to check with yr Dr for any contraindications with your meds before trying any herbs.

    Look forward to hearing what that clinic has to say.

    Have you tried yoga or meditation for stress and anxiety? Exercise is always useful for that and yoga is nice and gentle.

  • It sounds to me like your IBS is a reaction to hormonal imbalance and other stresses. Having then the extra pressure of symptoms related to the toxins flowing in your body caused by digestional problems. Visious circle that i have experienced several times. It was important for me to understand the steps in the circle .

    I have a qualified medical herbalist(see MenopauseMatters website for links) who gives advice and prescribes for me. I have medication to address stress responses and masses to detox. I see a trainer to help with exercise for de-stress and helping with stretching and core.. lots of support! I wish you well on your road to healing.

  • Ah Socialite, I posted to Menopause Matters for quite a while, wonderful website that puts a lot of unexplained "wierdness" into perspective, certainly far more knowledgable than most GP's! I have stopped for a while as I felt a lot of the postings were more for PERImenopausees, not post as I am, and noone seemed to have quite the rubbish digestion that I did, so I had nothing to offer really. I do read it still from time to time, but never looked in the herbalist section, I definately will now!

    I have just been in touch with a physiotherapist who practises massage and acupuncture, so hope to see her very soon. I had never thought as my body being full of toxins, but you are right, if the digestion is not working as it should be, then the body is not "cleansed", and like you, I need to KNOW what is happening!!

    Ruth. xx

  • Hi

    The first level of HRT I was prescribed was not enough to control my sudden onset of menopause(late like yours) so I went on a higher dose. That is much better. Also their are patches which suit some people better.

    Any disease you may have will be exacerbated by anxiety. I found the amitriptyline helps in severe pain and the FODMAPS diet.

  • Hi bloated! I did wonder about that, I was on Premique Low Dose and the Femoston Conti Ultra Low Dose, both in tablet form, Do you mind me asking what you were given that helped? As much as my consultants and GP were very kind, I just feel as if I am speaking in a foreign tongue, and clearly don't fit the classic menopause template! I am an anxious tense personality anyway, and think I am tying myself up in knots over everything, which,of course, is stressing out my digestion. I am going to get an expert opinion on my menopause levels, have some physio for my back and other pains, and look for some dietary advice! I feel as though I am losing years from my life with all this misery!

    Many thanks.

    Ruth xx

  • Amiltriptyline can cause constipation!! i was advised against using it as suffer with IBS/constipation predominantly.

    I am on the low FODMAP diet and initially it seemed to really help...however ive had a really bad week for no obvious reasons other than tiredness and a virus :(

    I think hormones do play a big part. Do you dose up on any vitamin/minera; supplements for that. EPO max strength were recommended to me.

    Im sorry as am no expert on IBS but this forum is a great support esp to know you are not alone. Take care

  • Hello, I also think that hormones play a big role in ibs symptoms, which the GP/consultant seem to ignore. It is like speaking a foreign language! I find that the bloating is the most difficult thing, it makes me unable to move and function. I said to my gp a few weeks ago that I can put on 6-8 pounds overnight on a bloat and frequently outgrow my clothes in a day, all of which I don't think is normal, yet the GO seemed to think that bloating goes on and then comes off, which for me is not the case. It just goes on and on. I have had some luck with acupuncture in relieving the symptoms, I hope that you find something that helps you too.

  • Thank you so much for this help! I must admit I am awful at reading small print on medications, and had no idea that Amit. can cause constipation, sort of explains why when I upped the dose at the weekend, as my back was so sore, I had the most awful C, followed by D!! The other message that is coming through, is that vitamin supplements should be a priority, and I have approached a dietician to help me. I also spoke to a physio about my back, and she said that it is common for physio on backs to improve IBS, and other digestive issues, as the back houses clusters of nerves, that affect the whole body, ie: if you are tense through pain, it can affect every systemic area! I feel as though I have become such a hypochondriac, but instinctively feel that the hormone/IBS/digestive issues are all related, I just need someone to break the cycle! The same physio says she will talk to me about acupuncture, noone can say I am not trying!!

    Ruth. xx

  • Any news on your cortisol levels from Surrey?

  • Hi Ibsr. No, not made an appointment yet, but they have sent me very reassuring emails, I am cynical enough to think they would, as they want my business! Surrey is a long way to go, so am looking to tie it in with a visit to the "southern" family. I have booked for physical therapy though, going to see someone on the 9th May.

    The Surrey clinic does have an excellent website, which you can google,(don't think you can put links on this site, can you?), very expensive though! I feel my head is spinning now with all this information, I am just fed up with clinicians passing the buck and telling me "what it's not"!!

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