Tight Pelvic Floor Muscles!

Hi everyone! I have commented on the menopause horror of IBS arriving very suddenly as hormones have "bombed" out of sight, now my consultant says that I have very, very tight pelvic floor muscles, and that is not helping the generalised pain, and is probably causing constipation, and then causing more pain when having a BM. I have been referred to a specialist physiotherapist, have any of you had anything like this, and found it has helped?


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  • I haven't had anything like this Ruth but very interested in your connection. Of IBS with the menopause. I seem to have been diagnosed with IBS as I have gone through menopause. Is there a string connection?

  • Hi flanimals, thank you for your reply. I joined a wonderful menopause forum called Menopause Matters, and IBS is a very common symptom, many, like me, never had it before, and it goes with the horrible anxiety that arrives with the menopause deluge! In my case, because my muscles were already tight, know this from two births, it has become a viscious circle, each causing the other to become worse, and it is really my own homework that has linked this, although I have a wonderful gynae consultant, who couldn't believe how tight my muscles were, even asked if I had had cosmetic surgery, cheeky monkey, it didn't occur to him that there was a link! All I know is, when I relax my muscles, as much as I can, I feel completely better, pain free and clearer headed, I just can sustain the relaxation, so hence the physical help.

    Ruth. xxx

  • I agree. I also was diagnosed with IBS right around the time my periods were very strange. Now I have been told I may have pelvic floor issues also.

    Any idea what can be about the pelvic floor dysfunction?

  • Hi, your link between the menopause and IBS seem to me to be spot on, never had any trouble before I started the menopause, and the BHAM, I have never been so ill, menopause started about 4 years ago, and IBS was diagnosed about 18 months ago, and it all made sense, so is there a link ? I think the answer is a great big YES

    I wish you well

    Linda. X

  • Hi Linda, nice to hear from again, maybe we should start a sub forum "Menopause IBS"!!

    Ruth xx

  • YES YES I was referred to a specialized physical therapist at a place called Beyond Basics. You can google it. I was completely pain free for a month until I ate junk again. I just got another referral and can't wait!

  • Hi PatV, you have made my day! I just couldn't see an end to the miseries, even HRT wouldn't have helped, as it was really a pre existing condition that has been made worse by my nervous tension. You are right, the wrong food doesn't help, but I do find a large glass of wine helps!!

    Ruth xx

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