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Is IBS linked to pre-menstrual time?

My IBS symptoms have changed drastically since coming off gluten, wheat and now especially since being on FODMAPS. However, I have always had issues starting 10 days before my period. It actually works out as day 14/15 of my monthly cycle that my tum will start playing up. Does anyone else have this? I had hoped FODMAPS would eliminate that but have been on FODMAPS for 2 months now and just started my 2nd monthly 10 day cycle and have pain very time I move.

I have been tested for endometriosis, celiac and had all the camera tests, but no one seems to listen when I say it is linked to my cycle.

As soon as my period starts the pain goes.

I have read of people having worse pains during their period but not in the previous 10 day period. Has anyone experienced this? Know what it is? How to alleviate the pains?

Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.

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I suffer terribly with my Ibs a week before and the week after. It's pretty common for periods to trigger ibs


yup! I hate periods


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