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i have ibs for 11 years now the last 8 months its been non stop the pain never seems to go i watch what i eat ive tried endless tablets them vile powder drinks and its not getting any easier and i get pain day in day out and cant cope any longer now june last year i had an hysterectomy can it make it all worse its just that all docs seem to do is pass me off with more crap im moody all the time and contantly tired can some help please its just i cant take it any more is there anything else like an op i can get done or what

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I just ordered John Hunter's book "Irritable Bowel Solutions" and it's making a lot of sense. I too am tired of feeling like crap!


Hi PatV-what does the book suggest?

Have you ever thought of seeing a Kinesiologist?


whats a kinesiologist what sort of stuff does it say in the book


That's pretty much how I felt (although not with the hysterectomy, that can't be easy) and through the advice from others on this forum, I have started to consider what I eat to try to control the systems, through for example the Fodmap diet. I also found the Hardcombe diet, but have only been on it one day, so can't really say much about it as yet. Certainly, many people on this sight manage their symptoms through food management.


welll got to try something so whats the diet exactly thank u all for ur advice

ive always felt alone ive suffred for years in silence


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