Does anyone else have stabbing pains in the right area of the back?

It started nearly 3 years ago. Nearly always connected to passing water (just before, or during) and occasionally wind. Feels like being poked with an electric prod, occasionally triggers vomiting. It's in the kidney area but the medics have ruled out kidney problems; however, they can't tell me what it is (and I'm not sure it's IBS (my GP's suggestion).

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  • Hi there

    Do you get pain in your midriff aswell? The only reason I ask is that I know gallstone pain can be felt in your back, I don't suffer gallstones but my mum has had them in the past, the pain has started in her midriff and moved through to her back and had also triggered vomiting. The only other thing maybe is if you have kidney stones? Sorry I can't be of any more help but I do know the gallstone pain is horrendous, hope you find out what it is.

  • Hello, thanks for getting back to me. No - it's not a midriff pain, always been in the back; kidney stones were my first thought but eliminated by scan. No other IBS sufferer seems to experience this symptom so beginning to think it must be something else. But no one can tell me what. Thanks again! PS Hope your mum ok now.

  • This was one of the main symptoms my daughter had. The doctor kept telling me IBS and that the pain was in her head ! I knew it wasnt . All along I had felt she had coeliac disease which he kept telling me was ridiculous because her blood tests were fine. I drove him nuts , i kept persisting and eventually he agreed to do an endoscopy and colonoscopy to make us in his words "stop moaning" ! Even after the colonoscopy/endoscopy he came to me and said it was as he thought all clear. He then had to eat his words when the biopsy results came back that she had coeliac disease ! Within 2 weeks of going gluten free she was a different child. Even now 4 months on she gets those pains if she accidentally has any gluten whatsoever. Whilst it might not be the same for you Id suggest you went gluten free for a month and see if it helps

    Jo xx

  • Thanks, Jo - I have been dreading the thought that it might be coeliac. But I'm coming round to the view that it must be IBS - avoiding FODMAPs definitely makes an enormous difference. Good luck with your little girl!

  • In my daughters case the pain was chronic constipation . Maybe it's worth trying a magnesium supplement ? Aloe Vera gel really helped my daughters pain - it halved it within a month . Have you already tried that ?

  • Well, I don't have too much of a constipation problem - unless I allow myself to get dehydrated, which is stupid - but I'll certainly look into magnesium. As for a gel, the back pains are so fleeting - they last 10 seconds at the most - I'm not sure that would help but thanks for the idea. Best, LP

  • I have IBS and I do get sharp back pains related to it. Generally they are lower back and happens if I'm constipated or need to pass wind. Unfortunately I can't offer any solutions as I don't have any myself, but just thought I'd let you know that back pain, although uncommon, can be a symptom. :)

  • That's a great help - thanks so much - I'm becoming convinced it is IBS and am seriously starting to focus on diet. Thanks again.

  • Have you seen a physio/chiropractor about the problem? It could actually be coming from your back and be the symptom of a unhappy nerve - the symptoms sound like could have a neuro element and could be linked to the position you get in when passing water. Worth a look at I think. NB there are specialist physio's that deal with water work and bowel problems - if your GP sends you to general MSK clinic and the physio their cannot help ask to be referred to women's health or whatever they call the physio's that deal with waterworks etc in your area. They also treat chaps too (or they do in my area) so don't be put off by the name if you are a fella.

  • Yes, I did see an osteopath/physio and she said my back was OK but my posture dreadful ... so I am working on that. But I am becoming convinced this is a diet-related problem. Thanks for your response!

  • Does anyone have stomach ache going through to the right hand side in the back with no constipation or loose stools. Full of wind too. Had IBS for years now . Can t sleep lately till early morning and stressed too. I m on omeprazole, Mebeverine and Sertraline but nothing seems to be helping with this latest outbreak. Would be grateful for advice or a reply anyway. Thanks all

  • Have you given The low-FODMAP diet a try?

  • I'm trying it now, thanks for the suggestion. But the purpose of my question was to see if the pains in my back could be a symptom of IBS, since none of the IBS websites I've consulted give it as one, nor any of the medics I've seen.

  • Sorry for the confusion, I was actually responding to gloden's query in this thread.

    I've actually seen quite a few posts about pain in the back and IBS, but don't remember reading anything quite the same as you describe. I used to get an irritable bladder with IBS and my GP said it was because bladder and bowel are so close together, that if the bowel isn't completely empty or is full of wind, it affects the bladder by constricting it. Never had any pain with it though.

    Why don't you send your question directly to Dr Nick Read at the IBS Network, he usually comes up with some answers?


  • Thanks RozB Will try the low FODMAP diet .

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