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hi im 42 and from sheffield.ive been suffering from ibs for over 30yrs now and it gets harder and harder to cope. right now im typing in agony. cant walk cos it effects my back and sciatica and haven't been to the loo for three days. im taking colpermin, buscapan cramps, solpadol and gabapentin. nothing seems to work. im now trying to cut out certain foods completely like garlic, onions etc to see if that helps. I already don't eat red meat as I find they trigger my ibs off too. I had hot dogs though a few nights ago and how can anyone have them without onions? lol so I did and I presume this is the result. I only eat oranges and bananas now whereas before I would eat any fruit going. also on fodmap tells of cutting out sprouts too which im upset about as I love them lol. anyway I guess that's all I can say right now as I need to move cos sitting here is hurting bad. will write again tomorrow.xx

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Hi, so sorry you are having a flare up its a nightmare! I take laxatives morning and night as I have constipation with my ins, it works sometimes but not always! Is your back and sciatica related to ins? As I have terrible backache constantly groin pains and painful legs to the point where it's very uncomfortable to walk!I have constant pain every day! The doc just gives me different painkillers every time, which don't work so I know how you feel! Where do you get the f_ maps from please?


check on internet for fodmap huni x


Hi there. U poor thing. I also suffer but mine is diarrhea i don.t know which is worse? i rarelly get pain just sudden diarrhea out of the blue n i mean fron nowhere. i.ve cut all those foods out u mentioned but mine is brought on by stress n i.m goin through a messy sep at the moment which isn.t helpin at all. I live in notts n happy to get together if thats somethin ur upfor.

Take care



I understand how ur feeling but a couple of things u said I find with me make my ibs flair up.

one of them is oranges cos of the white pith, bananas make me Constipated, but if u peel apples and pairs they are fine

Also u should not b taking buscopan if ur constipated.

I have been suffering for 24 years now so do know a lot of the thing's

that trigger it off, so over the years I have had to change my diet completely.

If u need to know more ways to help just let me know.



As a thirty year sufferer from IBS I certainly understand what a struggle it is to cope with this condition. The symptoms and causes are so varied and changeable it's very difficult

to treat the symptoms alone and I've learnt over the years to take a holistic approach, this has finally lead me to a place where my IBS is currently under control and I'm living a full life again. I would suggest the following as a holistic and lifestyle approach to the condition......

Firstly and most importantly get a proper diagnosis of IBS, in my case my doctor referred me to a gastroenterologist and I had a raft of tests to rule out any underlying medical causes. Once they could found no medical issues I was diagnosed with IBS .

If you can afford it join a self help group such as the IBS network for support and information and in my experience I really needed both.

Research: you are already doing this by posting your question, Unfortunately as a typical young guy I tried to ignore my condition, especially as I was told it was all in my mind.This led to many years of unhappiness until desperation finally forced me into self help. Research into my symptoms led me to the following......... leaky gut syndrome...which can cause food intolerences and all sorts of other digestive issues which then led me to the four r's approach

The four r's

Remove, replace , re-innoculate and repair. Along with that Iwould add relax as I suffered from anxiety and stress, a great deal of which was caused by the IBS itself ! I researched this approach and implemented into my life along with relaxation techniques.This approach helped me greatly.

Remember that we are all different and to tailor your self help to you.Also within your self help approach you may find one particular element that is a silver bullet and leads to a drastic improvement in your condition. In my case this was taking vitamin B12,for you it may be something else.

I apologise for the length of this post and also if I don't reply to questions ( just don't have the time at the moment ) you may also find this same answer to other questions on the board as I feel I needed to share my experience. Please remember there is HOPE that you can control this condition :-)


have u tried the fodmap diet before


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